Our Commitment

Our Commitment is a partnership document between teachers and students as members of the University. It sets out what we all commit to do to ensure the best learning experience. It has been written by staff and students and is collectively owned by the University and the Students’ Union.

ScHARR expectations

We have defined expectations for staff and students in ScHARR.

You can expect staff to:

  • treat you fairly and impartially according to the University’s Equal Opportunities policy
  • listen to your views (individually and through the Staff-Student Committee)
  • be available for meetings and keep appointments they make with you
  • reply within a reasonable time to messages and emails
  • offer you the opportunity to discuss the planning of coursework before you submit it
  • mark coursework promptly. Normally this will be within three weeks (15 working days) of the submission deadline
  • give clear and constructive written comments on coursework
  • if appropriate, take action on your behalf if you need help, or put you in touch with the relevant support services in the University

You are responsible for:

  • reading this handbook, and any other course handouts you are given, carefully
  • knowing University regulations as they apply to you and registering for modules and examinations by the University deadlines
  • updating your personal details, including your current address and telephone number, via MUSE
  • checking your Sheffield email address on a regular basis, using it for all communication with staff and not using personal email addresses for any communication with staff
  • attending all teaching sessions, appointments and exams
  • attending classes and seminars which are compulsory and arriving on time for teaching sessions, appointments and exams
  • behaving appropriately in class (this includes switching off your mobile phone), on campus and when representing the University more broadly (for example, while on placement)
  • completing assessment tasks in good time and meeting coursework deadlines
  • telling us when you are ill or have a problem affecting your work, and telling us in advance if you cannot attend teaching or appointments, or cannot meet a deadline
  • managing your time, especially when you have deadlines close together