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Medical Statisticiannikki totten

Clinical Trials Research Unit, ScHARR
University of Sheffield
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Office: Room 3.10, Innovation Centre
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I joined the CTRU as a Medical Statistician in July 2017 after working for NWORTH (Bangor University's Clinical Trial Unit) as a Trial Statistician.  I have a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Statistics and Management Science, both from the University of the West of England, Bristol.  I currently work on a number of clinical trials, as well as methodology projects and as a statistical advisor for the Research Design Service.

Current Projects

I am currently involved with the following projects:

•CFHealthHub Data Observatory - A Quality Improvement project and Trials within Cohort platform for Cystic Fibrosis
•MAGIC – Melatonin for Anxiety prior to General anaesthesia In Children): A Randomised Controlled Trial of Melatonin Versus Midazolam in the Premedication of Anxious Children Attending for Elective Dental and ENT Surgery Under General Anaesthesia
•DAFNEplus - Developing and trialling the DAFNEplus (Dose Adjustment for Normal Eating) intervention. A lifelong approach to promote effective self-management in adults with type 1 diabetes.
•BRAINS - Benefit-Risk Assessment to Inform Non-Inferiority and Superiority study design: Guidance on the optimal design within different-in-kind of comparisons
•PoPSTER - Patient preferences and current Practice for adults with STERoid resistant ulcerative colitis.

Research Interests

My areas of research interests are: the design of pilot and feasibility studies, sample size calculations for ANCOVA models and multi-arm studies and the designing studies using a benefit-risk trade-off.

Nikki is part of Design, Trials and Statistics

Journal articles


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  • Brand A (2017) An online tool for exploring recruitment achievability for a feasibility and pilot studies in the UK. 4th International Clinical Trials Methodology Conference (ICTM) and 38th Annual Meeting of the Socie. RIS download Bibtex download