Estimation of a Preference-based Index for Epilepsy From The NEWQOL Battery

The aim of this study is to produce a preference-based measure for epilepsy for use in economic evaluation. The classification system is derived from the NEWQOL battery, a validated questionnaire for measuring QOL in epilepsy. The NEWQOL battery has too many dimensions and items to incorporate values for use in cost utility analysis.

This study develops a health state classification system for epilepsy, and is the first system amenable to valuation to be produced from a battery. A valuation study is currently being conducted and analysed using a random sample of the UK general population. The results of this stage will produce preference weights for the classification system to enable a utility score to be assigned to every state.

We are also currently conducting a patient valuation of the classification system, to determine whether values elicited from epilepsy patients differ significantly from the general public.

This study will enable the NEWQOL battery for epilepsy to be used to assess the cost-effectiveness of treatments for epilepsy, and compared with the results of existing questionnaires that are not specific to epilepsy.

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