Our publications

We publish over 400 journal papers each year along with many policy documents, reports, protocols, conference proceedings, datasets and posters.

Publications in the School of Health and Related Research library.

Below you will find links to our Open Access publication archives hosted by The White Rose Repository Online.

The repository has over 3000 outputs produced by SCHARR and includes our current Health Economics and Decision Science (HEDS) Discussion Paper series, as well as legacy works including the Trent Institute Report series.

We also host data sets, posters and other outputs in our ORDA Repository hosted by Figshare.

For any enquiries about our publications or reports please contact ScHARR Library scharrlib@shef.ac.uk

0114 222 5420

White Rose Repository Online

SCHARR Publication Master Collection (including journal manuscripts)

HEDS Discussion Papers

EUscreen Reports

ScHARR Occasional Paper Series

ScHARR Report Series

Trent Institute Reports

ORDA Collection

SCHARR Outputs (Datasets, Conference Posters, Reports, Protocols)

HEDS Conference Posters

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