A brief overview of the Child Amblyopia Treatment Questionnaire (CAT-QoL)

What is the CAT-QoL?CAT-QoL

The CAT-QoL is a paediatric disease-specific measure of health related quality of life.

How was the CAT-QoL developed?

The CAT-QoL has been developed with children with amblyopia. The items (questions) are based on interviews with over 50 children who had (or previously had) amblyopia. The response options for the items were also identified from the interview data. Further ranking work and cognitive de-briefing was undertaken to refine the draft instrument. This was tested on over 300 children with amblyopia in a multi-centre validation study. The results of the validation study were used to subsequently refine the final descriptive system. Seven treatment specific versions are available.
Further details can be found under the publications page.

The Descriptive System (Questionnaire)

Application: children with amblyopia
Number of items (questions): 8
Number of levels (response options) per item: 3
Age range: 4-7 years
Mode of completion: self completion
Recall period: one week
Versions:       Seven treatment specific versions
                  •     Glasses
                  •     Patch
                  •     Drops
                  •     Patch and drops
                  •     Patch and glasses
                  •     Glasses and drops
                  •     Glasses patch and drops

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Whilst the measure has been developed using children aged 4-7 years, it may be possible to use it with other age groups. Please contact Jill Carlton to discuss this if you are interested.

How can the CAT-QoL be obtained?

The CAT-QoL is copyrighted and is available on a license basis.

There are two forms of licence:

1. A license is available free of charge for all non-commercial applications including work funded by research councils, Government agencies and charities.

2. For commercial applications there will be a charge and the price will be negotiated upon application.

Income generated from the charges will go into a University based research fund.

Even though it is free for non-commercial applications, we ask that you register your study with us so that we can keep a record of where the measure has been applied.

If you have any queries, please contact Jill Carlton.

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