Modelling generic preference based outcome measures - development and comparison of methods: 
The EMU project (Econometric Mapping of Utilities)


September 2014 to February 2017

Funded by the MRC Methdology Research Programme (MR/L022575/1)

Research team

Mónica Hernández Alava, University of Sheffield
Allan Wailoo, University of Sheffield
Stephen Pudney, University of Sheffield
Andrea Manca, University of York
Joanne Holden, NICE

Motivation and summary

Health related quality of life is often assessed using "preference based outcome measures" (PBMs). These are widely used in economic evaluation. Instruments like the EQ-5D have preference-based scoring systems and are favoured by organisations such as the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) but are frequently absent from clinical studies of treatment effect. Often this gap is bridged by "mapping" - estimating a relationship between observed clinical outcomes and preference based measures, using data from another dataset containing both types of information. Unfortunately, we know that the statistical methods routinely used for this mapping often do not work well in practice.

This project will develop methods to address this problem, test them, make recommendations about when they should be used and produce code including Stata commands to allow them to be applied easily in practice.

Further information

For further information about the project please contact Mónica Hernández Alava