Donna Rowen BA, MSc, PhD (Sheffield)

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ORCiD: 0000-0003-3018-5109


I joined HEDS as a health economist in September 2006. Prior to joining HEDS I worked as a teaching assistant in Economics at the University of Sheffield whilst undertaking a PhD in Economics.

Research interests

My research interests are:

  • Measuring and valuing health and quality of life
  • Modelling preference data
  • Mapping between measures of health
  • Methodology of developing preference-based measures of health from existing measures

Teaching interests

My teaching interests lie in health economics, in particular QALYs, utilities and outcome measurement.

I am interested in supervising research students in topics/areas related to measuring and valuing health, in particular deriving, estimating and using utility data for health technology assessment.

Professional activities

Since joining ScHARR I have worked on a variety of projects including an MRC methodology project on using ordinal methods of preference elicitation to map between EQ-5D, HUI2, SF-6D, AQL-5D, OPUS and ICECAP. I also completed an MRC-NIHR Methodology Programme project on developing and testing methods for deriving condition-specific measures of health from existing condition-specific measures to estimate QALYs. I have also undertaken NICE DSU technical support documents for estimating utilities focussing on mapping and alternative measures to EQ-5D. I have worked on several projects mapping between outcome measures of health and deriving condition-specific preference-based measures from existing measures. I have also estimated societal values for burden of illness and end of life as part of EEPRU, the Policy Research Unit in Economic Evaluation of Health and Care Interventions.

Current projects

I am currently working on literature reviews about the societal monetary value of a QALY as part of EEPRU. I am also working on a project funded by the Health Foundation on valuing aspects of self-management for people with diabetes for use in economic evaluation.

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