Liz Such BSc (Hons) FHEA PhD

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University of Sheffield
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR)
Section of Public Health
Regent Court
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA

Office:  Room G045a, Ground Floor, Regent Court

Working hours: Monday-Thursday (non-working day Friday)

Tel: +44 (0) 114 222 4022


Twitter: @lizzysuch

ORCiD: 0000-0003-2242-3357


I am a NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellow in public health (2018-2022).  My work focuses on health equity and social policy.  I specialise in knowledge mobilisation, specifically on how knowledge is mobilised for policy that promotes health equity that sits outside the NHS.  I also specialise in minority ethnic and migrant health inequalities and work within Public Health and Inequalities Theme of the NIHR Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care for Yorkshire and the Humber (CLAHRC YH).  Before joining ScHARR I was a policy lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and a social researcher for the UK government in the fields of employment, skills and equality. 

Research Interests

My research interests are:-

  • the mobilisation of knowledge in policy, especially 'Health in All Policies'
  • public health and health services research, particularly relating to Black, minority ethnic and migrant groups
  • physical activity, leisure and health inequalities

Teaching Interests

I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.  My teaching interests lie in social and health policy, physical activity, leisure and health inequalities.

PhD Supervision

I currently supervise in the field of migrant health and access to health services and physical activity/sedentary behaviour.  I am interested in supervising Research Students in fields such as social policy, health equity, minority ethnic health, sport, physical activity, leisure and sedentary behaviour.

Professional Activities

I routinely work with local authority partners to develop ‘Health in All’ approaches to policy. I was seconded to Public Health England’s health equity team (2017) to undertake public health development work on modern slavery. I sit on an interdisciplinary practice-based New Arrivals Health Needs group in Sheffield which works with local agencies to improve the health outcomes of new migrant populations. I have also provided consultation services for national third sector organisations on projects relating to physical activity.

I was an Executive Member of the Social Policy Association from 2012-2016 and an Editorial Board member of the journal Leisure Studies (2009-2017). I am an NIHR proposal reviewer and I have been a scholar-advisor/reviewer to ESRC and EU projects and to the Race Equality Foundation. I have acted as a peer reviewer for journals including Journal of Social Policy, Work, Employment and Society, BMJ Open, World Leisure Journal, Sport and Society and many others.

Current Projects

  •  Mobilising evidence for better health and equity through Health in All Policies in local government (NIHR)
  •  Addressing social isolation and loneliness among migrant and minority ethnic populations (NIHR)
  •  Patient assessment for new arrivals in primary care (Health Foundation, CLAHRC YH)
  • Modern slavery and public health (MRC)
  • Reviewing and co-producing optimal physical activity interventions to promote good mental health (with Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Trust, South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Trust)


Journal Papers:

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Book Chapters:

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Other Outputs:

Such E, Walton E, Delaney B, Harris J and Salway S. (2016) New Migrants in Primary Healthcare - How are services adapting?  Summary and Mini Case Book.  University of Sheffield.  Available at White Rose Online.

Such L.  (2014) Do sports mega events have a legacy?  Discover Society, issue 11,

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