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Burr J and Nicholson P.
Consumers' perspectives on health care: Critical Approaches to Research Methods.
Palgrave Macmillan limited: London

Chapters in Print

Burr J.
On the Shoulders of Giants: Putting the Quality into Qualitative Research.
Consumers' perspectives on health care: Critical Approaches to Research Methods
(2005)Palgrave Macmillan limited: London

Burr J and Nicholson P.
Critical approaches to researching 'Consumers' of health care.
Consumers' perspectives on health care: Critical Approaches to Research Methods.a.
(2005)Palgrave Macmillan limited: London

Nicholson P and Burr J
Taking a critical perspective: Research methods and the role of 'users' or 'consumers'.
Consumers' perspectives on health care: Critical Approaches to Research Methods.
(2005) Palgrave Macmillan limited: London

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles in Print

Cimini N and Burr J (In press) An Aesthetic for Deliberating Online: Thinking Through 'Universal Pragmatics' and 'Dialogism' with Reference to Wikipedia.  In The Information Society.

Burr J and Reynolds P.
The wrong paradigm?: social research and the predicates of ethical scrutiny
Research Ethics Review

Reid M, Williams S, Burr J.
Healthcare Professionals' Perspectives of Eating Disorders and Service Provision: A Qualitative Study.
European Eating Disorders
(2010) Review 18(5) 390-398

Burr J.
To name or not to name? An overview of the social and ethical issues raised by removing anonymity from sperm donors. published online 12 July 2010:

In Asian Journal of Andrology
(2010) 12:801-806.doi:10.1038;

Almuammar A, Dryden C, Burr J.
Factors associated with late presentation of cancer: a limited literature review
Journal of Radiotherapy in Practice

Burr J.
Fear, fascination and the sperm donor as ‘abjection’ in interviews with heterosexual recipients of donor insemination.
Sociology of Health and Illness
(2009) 31(5) 705-718).

Burr J,
Exploring reflective subjectivity through the construction of the `ethical other´ in interview transcripts. Sociology
(2009)43(2) 323-339.

Reid M, Burr J, Williams S, Hammersley R.
Eating disorders patients' views on their disorders and on an outpatient's service: A qualitative study.
(2008)Journal of Health Psychology
13 (7) 956-960

Burr J, and Reynolds P.
Thinking ethically about genetic inheritance: liberal rights, communitarianism and the right to privacy for parents of donor insemination Children.
Journal of Medical Ethics
(2008)34: 281-284

Nicolson P, Burr J and Powell J.
Becoming an advanced practitioner in neonatal nursing: a psycho-social study of the relationship between education preparation and role development
Journal of Clinical Nursing
(2005)14, 727-738

Burr, J and Chapman T.
Contextualising experiences of depression in women from South Asian Communities: A discursive approach
Sociology of Health and Illness
(2004) 26(4), 433-452

Nicolson P and Burr J.
What is ‘normal’ about women’s (hetero)sexual desire and orgasm?: A report of an in-depth interview study.
In Social Science and Medicine.
(2003) 57; 1735-1745

Burr J.
Providing a contrasting view to evolutionary psychology’s hypotheses on depression: Using a ‘Material-Discursive’ Approach to interpret the Experiences of Depression in Women from South Asian Communities
Psychology, Evolution & Gender
(2002) 4 (1) 93-113(P)

Burr J.
Cultural Stereotypes of women from South Asian communities: mental health care professionals’ explanations for patterns of suicide and depression.
In Social Science and Medicine
(2002)55:5: 141-151

Jiwa M and Burr J.
GP letter writing in Colorectal Cancer: A Qualitative Study
Current Medical Research and Opinion.
(2002) 18 (6) 242-246

Burr J.
Women have it. Men want it. What is it? Constructions of sexuality in rape discourse
Psychology, Evolution & Gender
(2001) Vol 3 (1) 103-105

Burr J
Sex, Lies and Scorpionflies: The Problems with Evolutionary Biology in Understanding Rape
Psychology, Evolution & Gender
(2000) Vol 2(2) 185-198

Burr J.
Repellent to proper ideas about the procreation of children’: Procreation and Motherhood in the Legal and Ethical Treatment of Surrogacy.
Psychology, Evolution and Gender
(2000) Vol 2 (2) 105-117

Reid M and Burr J.
Are Eating Disorders Feminine Addictions?
Journal of Addiction Research
(2000) Vol. 8 (3) 203-10.

Burr J and Chapman T.
Some Reflections on Cultural and Social Considerations in Mental Health Nursing
Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
(1998)Dec.Vol 5 No 6

Books Reviews in Print

Burr J.
Haruki Murakami (translated from the Japanese by Philip Gabriel) What I talk about when I talk about running; A memoir (Harvill Secker: London, 2008)
Sport, Ethics and Philosophy
(2010) 4.3, 361-364. ISBN 9781846552205