The process of life

How is life generated and maintained?

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We are elucidating the complex processes that underpin the emergent behaviour of molecular networks and how these coalesce to generate the robust properties that define life through cells to populations.

We work across bacteria, fungi, plants, animals and humans, not only studying them alone but also how they interact to shape each other’s destinies and behaviour.

We study how life develops and functions throughout its course in health and disease, how it evolves across the generations and the effect of technological, behavioural, and clinical interventions designed to improve key outcomes such as wellbeing.


We have a total of £48 million in grant income in this area. This success is mediated by world-class facilities and an interconnected network of interdisciplinary institutes and centres including:

The Bateson Centre

Centre for Membrane and Dynamics

Centre for Stem Cell Biology

The Florey Institute

Imagine: Imaging Life

The Krebs Institute

Neuroscience Institute

Sheffield Institute for Nucleic Acids

Sheffield Robotics

Study opportunities

We run fascinating undergraduate and postgraduate programmes across three bioscience departments.

Visit our Biosciences at Sheffield site to learn about opportunities in Animal and Plant Sciences, Biomedical Science, and Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

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The University’s four flagship institutes bring together our key strengths to tackle global issues, turning interdisciplinary and translational research into real-world solutions.