Our Publications in 2020

Here you will find a list of our acadmic publications for 2020. You will find a full list of publications for each member of staff on their individual profile pages.


SEAS 2020 publications

Chang HKH, (2020). Yun Isang, media, and the state: forgetting and remembering a dissident composer in Cold-War South Korea, Asia-Pacific Journal : Japan Focus 18(19) 

Chang HKH, (2020). A fugitive Christian public: singing, sentiment, and socialization in colonial Korea, Journal of Korean Studies, 25(2), 291-323

Choi D, (2020). 배반당한 ‘해방’: 미군 점령하 ‘재일조선인 문제’와 냉전, 1945~1948 (Liberation Betrayed: The Cold War and the Korean Minority Question in U.S.-Occupied Japan, 1945-1948). Korean Journal of Japanese Studies.Institute for Japanese Studies, Seoul National University. 22.

Coates J, (2020). Between Product and Cuisine: The Moral Economies of Food among Young Chinese People in Japan. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs. 48(3), pp 381-399.

Coates J, (2020). Creativity at the Margins in the ‘Golden Age’ of Japanese Cinema (1945–1965). Creative Context. Singapore: Springer. 101-117.

Coates J (2020) Bodies in the Dark: The Postwar Cinema Audience and the Body as ‘Ground Zero’ In Holca I & SĂPUNARU TĂMAŞ C (Ed.),. Forms of the Body in Contemporary Japanese Society, Literature, and CultureI. Lexington: Lexington Books. 237-257.

Coates J (2020) The Yakuza Film: A Genre 'Endorsed by the People' In Phillips A & Fujiki H (Ed.), The Japanese Cinema Book (pp. 348-360). London: British Film Institute. 

Dobson H, Kirton J, Bayne N, Sands C, O'Neill J, Wouters J & Lesage D (2020) Think 7 USA 2020: Report of the Think 7 SummitThink 7 USA 2020: Report of the Think 7 Summit. Woodrow Wilson Centre for International Scholars and G7 Research Group, 14 May 2020 - 15 May 2020. 

Dobson H, Bishop, Matthew L, Enns C, Horn P, Stiles G, (2020). Teaching Global Citizenship: The Global Leadership Initiative, its Impact and Challenges.Journal of Global Policy. 

Dobson H, and Scheler R, (2020). Joining Forces: Reviving Multilateralism through Multi-Stakeholder Cooperation. Journal of T20 Policy Brief.

Kim KL, and Lee HJ, (2020). A critical discourse analysis on cultural and social biases in a Korean language textbook : focusing on sogang Korean 1B and Korean grammar in use : beginning to early intermediate. Studies in Foreign Language Education. 34(2).

Yujie Z, and Maags C, (2020). Heritage Politics in China: The Power of the Past. London.Routledge.

Maags C, (2020). Disseminating the policy narrative of ‘Heritage under threat’ in China. International Journal of Cultural Policy. 26(3), pp 273-290.

Maags C, (2020). Long‐Term Care Insurance Adoption in East Asia: Politics, Ideas, and Institutions. Politics & Policy. 48(1), pp 69-106. 

Maags C, (2020). Hybridization in China's elder care service provision. Social Policy & Administration. 55(1), pp 113-127.

Matanle, Peter C, (2020). Japan and the environment: Industrial pollution, biodiversity loss and climate change.In.ed.Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Japan. London: Routledge. pp. 291-303.

Matanle, Peter C and Mcintosh E, (2020).  International mobility for early career academics : does it help or hinder career formation in Japanese studies?. Japan Forum. pp 1-29.

Matanle P, (2020). Confronting the Olympic paradox : modernity and environment at a crossroads in downtown Tokyo. The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus. 18(4). 

McAuley T, (2020). The power of translation : issues in the translation of premodern Japanese waka. Waseda RILAS Journal. 8, pp 427-446.

Pendleton M, (2020).Some new directions for the study of coal mining history and heritage. Journal of Waseda RILAS, 8:395-399

Pendleton M, (2020). And I dance with somebody: queer history in a Japanese nightclub. History Workshop Journal

Prentice M, (2020). Durkheim and the Internet: On Sociolinguistics and the Sociological Imagination. Journal of Linguistic Anthropology. 30, pp 145-147.

Prentice M, (2020). Old spirits of capitalism: Managers and masculine alterity in/as the Korean office. Anthropological Quarterly. 93, pp 89-118.

Smith M (2020) Sound hunting in postwar Japan: recording technology, aurality, mobility, and consumerism, Sound Studies 

Son SA, (2020).Chasing Justice: Victim Engagement with Accountability for Human Rights Abuses in North Korea. Asian Studies Review. 44(4), pp 621-640.

Zhang D, Kong C, Zhang M and Meng Q, (2020). Courtyard sound field characteristics by bell sounds in Han Chinese Buddhist temples. Applied Sciences. 10(4).

Zhang D, Lai R, Zhang M, and Kang J, (2020). Effects of spatial elements and sound sources on sound field in Main Hall of Chinese Buddhist temple. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. 147(3), pp 1516-1530.

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