Science Graduate School Showcase

Congratulations to all of our poster prize winners!

The Science Graduate School Showcase 2019

We host regular showcase events where students and staff can talk to postgraduate students from different disciplines in and find out more about the breadth of research in the Faculty of Science.

Our most recent event took place online via Google Meet on Thursday 20 May 2021, noon-5pm. All second year PhD students are were invited present a poster and prizes were awarded for the following submissions:

  • Animal and Plant Sciences: Chay Halliwell – Cooperation, conflict and the coordination of care
  • Biomedical Science: Salma Srour – Investigating host senescence responses in acute typhoid fever
  • Chemistry: Reuben Ouanounou – Characterisation of Fanconi anaemia nuclease 1 in DNA inter-strand crosslink repair
  • Mathematics and Statistics: Joseph Martin – What's the point of double categories?
  • Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: Katie Gelder – The effect of phase separation on enhancer-dependent gene regulation
  • Physics and Astronomy: Robert Foster – The WATCHMAN Project – Using neutrinos for nuclear security
  • Psychology: Ayu Sari – Teachers' confidence, barriers and needs in identifying mental health problems in Indonesia
  • People's choice award: Mengyuan Qian – Pain relief drugs removal from contaminated wastewater via Fenton reaction

Many congratulations to the winners!

Event aims

  • To showcase the excellence of the Faculty of Science research
  • To increase awareness amongst students and staff of the wide range of research being carried out and to encourage interdisciplinary thinking and collaboration across the Faculty of Science
  • To develop confidence in our students in the communication of their work to scientists in other disciplines

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