PhD opportunities

PhD opportunities in science are available through one of the University of Sheffield's science schools.

A researcher in the Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy Laboratory

Some of the projects listed on schools' websites may be part of a bigger programme of PhD opportunities, designed by one of the University's interdisciplinary Centres for Doctoral Training.

These centres may have specific details about training, funding and entry requirements for their projects.

Once you have a PhD project that you want to apply for, you can find out more information about funding and how to apply.


Each of the University of Sheffield's science schools has a range of PhD opportunities, often with funding attached.

View the projects available in each science school:

Subject not listed here?

Visit our PhD projects directory to view the full range of PhD opportunities at the University.

Do you have your own idea for a PhD project?

If you have your own idea for a PhD project, you can find a potential supervisor by visiting the research section of any science school's website.

The following links explain the research areas that each school covers, and the research interests of academic staff who may be able to supervise your PhD project.

Contact a member of academic staff to find out about PhD opportunities in their area.

Research areas

See also: Support from your PhD supervisor

Centres for Doctoral Training

The University of Sheffield is home to a number of Centres for Doctoral Training (CDTs). These interdisciplinary centres have their own programmes of funded PhD projects, which are normally completed over four years instead of the usual three.

Details of PhD opportunities available through CDTs are given on each centre's website.

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