Dr Peng Wang


Dr. Peng Wang is currently working as a Research Associate with the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering, the University of Sheffield. Before he joined Sheffield University, he had been working in France and China on autonomous driving and artificial intelligence related topics. He is dedicated to providing reliable solutions to practical issues in the Internet of Things (IoT) era. His research focuses on: Artificial intelligence related models such as deep learning and Gaussian process in image and time series data processing, with a specific interest in quantifying the uncertainty of different models; Autonomous driving methods based on LiDAR, computer vision, and GPS, etc., with the purpose of developing trustworthy solutions.

Peng Wang works on sensing and detecting both human operators and robot arms in a human-robot collaborative scenario for the CSI:Cobot project. He has been developing and implementing artificial intelligence, especially deep learning based solutions to achieve reliable and efficient sensing and detecting results. The developed solutions will help to sense and detect potential misbehaviours that may lead to harmful consequences.

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