Work with us

We work with industry, small businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds to build robots that make ideas work.


The world is standing on the verge of a revolution in robotics. The kind of life-changing innovations we’ve been dreaming about for decades are now only steps away. Sheffield is taking those steps, and we’re looking for partners to join us on the journey.

Through responsible, ethical research, we’re pioneering new products and processes that will transform energy, healthcare and  manufacturing. 

We’re already working with some of the biggest global names in industry, but our vision goes beyond that.

We want to give ambitious people a platform to develop their ideas. We want this revolution to benefit everyone, to drive economic growth, to create jobs and improve lives. To achieve that, we also need to work with small businesses and entrepreneurs of all kinds.

Does that sound like the kind of adventure you want to be a part of?


Let us advise you on how to take advantage of the latest developments in robotics.

Contract research

We use the latest technology to help you develop high quality robotics applications, customised to meet your
business needs.

Sponsor a researcher

You sponsor a postgraduate student to do a PhD on a robotics problem you need solving. Funding may be available, making this a very cost effective way to enhance your R&D.

Academic and industry placements

You can invite one of our experts to spend time in your company or embed one of your employees in Sheffield Robotics. Support is available from the University’s Knowledge Transfer Programme.

Joint research applications

Partner with us and we’ll use our considerable experience to win funding for your projects. This also gives you access to a worldwide network of researchers.

If you would like more information about working with us, please contact James Law in the first instance.

Centres of excellence

The University's cross-faculty research centres harness our interdisciplinary expertise to solve the world's most pressing challenges.