Cyber Physical and Urban Infrastructures

Cyber Physical and Urban Infrastructure is an expression of this next generation of connected tools that will power societal and economic outcomes for our future.

UI - Robots Restructuring Cities

Theme Leads

Professor Horoshenkov (FREng) holds a MEng in Electro-Acoustics and Ultrasonic Engineering from Moscow University for Radioengineering, Electronics and Automatics (Russia) and PhD in Computational and Experimental Acoustics from the University of Bradford (UK). Before accepting the position of a Personal Chair at the University of Sheffield in May 2013 he worked at the University of Bradford to progress from a research assistant to a full professor.  Professor Horoshenkov is a founder of Acoutechs Limited, a spin-off University company, which was established in 2000 to exploit the results of his research related to Patent WO/2003/069595 on novel acoustic material manufacturing technology. This technology is now licensed to Armacell and exploited globally with an average marked value of £10M per annum.

Dr While is co-director of the Urban Institute and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. Recognised internationally for work on future cities and urban environmental policy. Dr While's research interests are reflected in his current research on the social, environmental and urban impact of advances in robotics and automation, including new forms of automated ecological management. Dr While is the lead for the Sheffield Urban Institute’s research theme on Urban Automation and Robotics, at the forefront internationally of examining the impact of robotics in the public realm through drones, Autonomous Vehicles, delivery and service robotic and other forms of automation, with funded research undertaken in China, the USA, Africa and Japan as well as the UK. He works closely with robotic engineers to understand and explore future possibilities for urban robotic restructuring and how they might be managed and regulated in the public interest.

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