CSI Project

CSI:Cobot (Confident Safety Integration for Collaborative Robots)

The CSI:Cobot project aims to develop methods for assuring safe and secure operation of collaborative robots in industry.

Collaborative robots (or cobots) are designed to operate alongside and with humans. However, our ability to ensure the safety of users, particularly in complex and physically collaborative tasks, currently restricts the way such robots can be used.

The CSI:Cobot project demonstrates how novel safety and security techniques can be applied to collaborative systems, in a way that inspires confidence in users. Our research identifies the unique safety and security issues relating to collaborative robots, and develops tailored solutions based on our expertise in perception, hazard analysis, cyber security, and safety controller design. The outputs include methods for ensuring the safety of collaborative robot systems, and support further deployment of collaborative robots in manufacturing environments.

This project is supported by the Assuring Autonomy International Programme, a partnership between Lloyd’s Register Foundation and the University of York.

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