16 November 2020

Cyberselves Innovate UK grant from the Sustainable Innovation Fund

Cyberselves are proud to announce that they have secured a £100K Innovate UK grant

Pepper robot in a TV studio

Cyberselves are proud to announce that they have secured a £100K Innovate UK grant from the Sustainable Innovation Fund, to develop new technologies focusing on sustainable economic recovery from COVID-19.

Cyberselves will be bringing their expertise in robotic telepresence to three key sectors that have been seriously disrupted by COVID-19: the property market, the exhibitions industry, and remote healthcare.

Using telepresence through robot avatars, Cyberselves will provide new forms of transport and communications that allow the user to stay at home while at the same time being present in a remote location, meaning a much-reduced environmental impact.

Telepresence also offers a safe, sustainable solution to the risk of infection from face-to-face contact.

Users will be immersed in the remote location and be able to control the robot through a VR application or on the browser, while interacting with the environment in an intuitive way.

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