Cyberselves, a new Sheffield Robotics spin-out company

We are proud to announce the incorporation of Cyberselves, a new University of Sheffield and Sheffield Robotics spin-out company.

Pepper robot in a TV studio

Cyberselves were incorporated as a spin-out company on the 13th March 2020. This project began as an AHRC-funded research project at the University of Sheffield (and including partners in Oxford and Barcelona), at the intersection of psychology, computer science, cultural studies, and philosophy, looking at what happens to human beings as we increasingly find ourselves engaging in immersive, digital cultures and environments, including everything from social media to virtual reality spaces. Such places pose terrific opportunities, and some fundamental challenges, to what we normally think of as our traditional human experience. From these research questions, Cyberselves developed some innovative software, learned a lot about how people are both afraid of and looking forward to these new versions of themselves, and came up with some really exciting responses to these challenges.

A global reputation

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