All my lecturers were incredibly kind, patient and encouraging

A woman stood in front of a river
Shiqi Bei
MSc Human Nutrition
Shiqi’s love of food and healthy eating led her to the Human Nutrition MSc at Sheffield. She tells us more about how supportive the University was during her studies.
A woman stood in front of a river

Why did you decide to study this course?

I chose to study Human Nutrition because I am very passionate about food and nutrition. I am fascinated by the complexity of human bodies and I’m curious about the relationship between the food we eat and the response of our body. When I saw the course and how the programme was structured, I knew it was for me. I felt that it could provide me with a comprehensive understanding of the subject. 

What did you enjoy most about your course?

I really enjoyed studying a wide range of modules. My personal tutor, dissertation supervisors and all my lecturers were also incredibly kind, patient and encouraging. They were always willing to help and made us feel comfortable about asking questions and seeking help. I particularly enjoyed all the group discussions we had in class because listening to my classmates, who came from different parts of the world, talking about their home country was fascinating.

We also had the chance to go into the lab and measure each other’s metabolism using different methods. It was so much fun and learning about how the theories taught in class were used in real life scenarios was amazing.

What area of nutrition did you study for your research project?

My research project compared vegetarian and meat options served in popular UK fast food restaurants. The field of meat alternatives is rapidly evolving and meat alternatives are eaten by more people. I decided to investigate the differences in the nutritional composition of meat options and those made with meat alternatives. I got to go to different restaurants to collect samples and apply the knowledge and skills gained from my statistics course to conduct data analysis.

Since day one, my supervisors were nothing but wonderful. They really respected my ideas and encouraged me to explore further. Whenever I needed help, I could ask them for advice and guidance. Overall, I really enjoyed doing my research project and felt that it was a great opportunity to practise and develop my skills.

Shiqi Bei

MSc Human Nutrition

How has your degree helped you in your current job?

I am now working as a consultant in London whilst looking for PhD opportunities. As part of my role, I collect data about schools and handle students’ information. The research skills I gained during my studies have definitely been helpful for this, which trained me to analyse data, conduct research and write up reports. I have been able to collect data efficiently and present them in a clear and understandable way.

I also get to apply my nutritional knowledge when I talk to students’ host families. I’m responsible for the wellbeing of students when they stay with their host family, so I give the families dietary advice such as instructions on how to construct meals to make sure students have a balanced intake of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

Do you have any advice for someone wanting to study Human Nutrition at Sheffield?

I would say go for it! It is truly an amazing course and I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in Sheffield. You will get to learn from experts in different fields, gain hands-on experience and explore your own interests. All the lectures are amazing and you’ll find plenty of information on Blackboard, the University’s virtual learning hub, which is really helpful.

If you want to prepare for the course in advance, try reading some textbooks. I would say ‘Human Nutrition’ by Geissler and Powers is a great one.

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