Getting a solid foundation in health economics

Varun Mohan Kumar
Varun Mohan Kumar
Postgraduate student
MSc Health Economics and Decision Modelling
“For anyone interested in understanding how resources need to be allocated within healthcare, especially given the multiple therapeutic choices coupled with finite budgets, this is the course to pursue.”
Varun Mohan Kumar

“It provides a solid foundation for health economics, and one can tap into the extensive knowledge of the teaching team as well the professional network the team can provide that can serve as either a launchpad or further evolve one’s passion and career in health policy.”

“I am from Chennai, India and embarked on my healthcare journey by training in medicine. I have always been enamoured by universal access to affordable care, which led me to pursue two graduate courses, one in public health, and the other in health economics and decision science at the University of Sheffield.”

“The variety and depth of topics covered on the course has been very useful. In addition to just teaching theory, the multiple practical sessions sets this course apart from other similar courses and at the time was enjoyable to undertake, besides being extremely helpful to fully understand concepts within health economics.”

Varun now works in the United States as a health economist. “I conduct economic evaluations as part of health technology assessments at the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER), an independent and non-partisan research organization that evaluates the clinical and economic value of health technologies including drugs, devices as well other healthcare delivery innovations.”

“In the future, I plan to further my knowledge in the field of decision sciences through more research and conducting economic evaluations, working with organizations such as ICER in order to improve access to care and enable affordable care.”

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