Dr Matthew Wilson

Population Health, School of Medicine and Population Health

Senior Lecturer in Anaesthesia

Honorary Consultant Anaesthetist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Matthew Wilson
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Dr Matthew Wilson
Population Health, School of Medicine and Population Health
School of Health & Related Research
Regent Court (ScHARR)
30 Regent Street
S1 4DA

I took a scholarship to read Natural Sciences at Balliol College Oxford.  After a basic sciences degree in Physiology, training at Oxford University Medical School and experience in acute medicine, I completed specialist training in anaesthesia in the Midlands.  As a Lecturer/Senior Registrar, I acquired formal training in clinical trials and applied health research with Birmingham University Department of Public Health & Epidemiology.  

After working for as an NHS consultant in tertiary centres in the UK and US, including University of Birmingham, Washington Medical Centre, Seattle, and Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, I was awarded a NIHR "Clinician Scientist" Fellowship in 2011.

I brought the award to the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at Sheffield University in 2014, to pursue high quality applied health research in anaesthesia, acute pain and perioperative medicine.  ScHARR and its allied Clinical Research Trials Unit is a recognised international centre of excellence in Health Services Research, Decision Science and Health Economic Analysis. I am an expert in the fields of applied health research, quantative clinical trials and health technology evaluation in perioperative medicine and reproductive health.    

I have built a grant portfolio exceeding £10M for studies seeking new standards of practice in perioperative medicine and anaesthesia. I have lead 3 national multicenter randomized trials, (BUMPES, SALVO and RESPITE), recruiting over 6700 participants  Each resulted in immediate NHS practice change and generated high impact publications eligible for “4-star” rating under the Research Excellence framework, 2021.

My current research projects are directed toward the prediction and prevention of new onset Atrial Fibrillation after cancer resection surgery (AFAR), the epigenetics of epidural related maternal fever (EPIFEVER), the prevention and treatment of post-operative delirium and an evaluation of “Remote Ischaemic Pre-conditioning” in reducing myocardial injury in emergency laparotomy.  I’ve worked closely with surgical and CTRU colleagues to complete a series of Systematic Reviews in peri-operative medicine.

I supervise and mentor Academic Clinical Fellows, NIHR Clinical Lecturers and Intermediate Fellows.  I am director of MB ChB Public Health Module teaching for student doctors in Sheffield.  Since, 2017, I have served as Grants Officer to the National Institute of Academic Anaesthesia, with responsibility for supervising the peer review and allocation of funds administered by all grants awarded by the NIAA.  This includes its co-founders, The Royal College of Anaesthetists, The Association of Anaesthetists, Great Britain and Ireland, British Journal of Anaesthesia and affiliated bodies (Subspecialist Societies).  Approximately £1.3 M funds are administered in 2 grant-round cycles per year.  

I served for 3 years with the National Institute of Health Research, Health Technology Assessment as a member of the “interventional Procedures” Panel.  I have been recently appointed National Specialty Lead, NIHR CRN Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine & Pain Research.


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Conference proceedings papers

  • Khan K, Moore P, Wilson MJ, Hooper R, Allard S, Wrench I, Beresford L, Roberts T, McLoughlin C, Geoghegan J , Daniels JP et al (2017) LB01: Cell salvage during caesarean section: a randomised controlled trial (The SALVO Trial). American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Vol. 216(1) (pp S559-S559). Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 23 January 2017 - 28 January 2017. View this article in WRRO RIS download Bibtex download
  • Bick D, Briley A, Brocklehurst P, Eddama O, Hardy P, Juszczak E, Lynch L, MacArthur C, Moore P, Nolan M , Rivero-Arias O et al (2016) A multicentre, randomised controlled trial of position during the late stages of labour in women with an epidural - (BUMPES). BJOG-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY, Vol. 123 (pp 61-61) RIS download Bibtex download
  • Sobhy S, Dharmarajah K, Zamora J, Wilson M, Coomarasamy A, Navaratnarajah R & Thangaratinam S (2016) Risks associated with anaesthesia in women with pre-eclampsia in low- and middle-income countries. Systematic review and mata-analysis. BJOG-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY, Vol. 123 (pp 112-113) RIS download Bibtex download
  • Brocklehurst P, MacArthur C, Moore P, Wilson M, Bick D, Briley A, Rivero-Arias O, Eddama O, Hardy P, Juszczak E , Lynch L et al (2016) A multicentre, randomised controlled trial of position during the late stages of labour in women with an epidural-(BUMPES). BJOG-AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNAECOLOGY, Vol. 123 (pp 11-11) RIS download Bibtex download
  • Wilson V, Hilton G, Aluri S & Wilson M (2013) Monitoring depth of anaesthesia during caesarean section. ANAESTHESIA, Vol. 68(6) (pp 672-672) RIS download Bibtex download






Funding body


Project title



NIHR HTA 19/72 Commissioned Call

Contract Stage

Pain relief strategies for dressing change in chronic wounds



Obstetric Anaesthetist Association


EPIFEVER-2: personalised genomic medicine to guide labour analgesia. 


Co-Chief Investigator

NIHR: Research for Patient Benefit: 



36 months

AFAR: Atrial Fibrillation After Resection (AFAR): 





17/136 Sepsis

Commissioned Call


24 months

“Accuracy, impact and cost-effectiveness of prehospital clinical early warning scores for adults with suspected sepsis”



NIHR: Research for Patient Benefit:



36 months

“Little Journey” Evaluating the Little Journey app- An RCT of a virtual reality preparatory tool for children undergoing surgery with general anaesthesia.



NIHR “Health Technology Assessment”

Commissioned Call


36 months

MAGIC: A Randomised Controlled Trial of Melatonin Versus Midazolam in the Premedication of Anxious Children Attending for Elective Dental and ENT Surgery Under GA. 

£1.27 M


NIHR Health Technology Assessment

“Researcher Led”


54 months

TOPIC2: A Randomised Controlled Trial to investigate the clinical and cost-effectiveness of Paravertebral Blockade compared with Thoracic Epidural Blockade in reducing Chronic Post-Thoracotomy Pain. 


Chief Investigator

NIHR Clinician Scientist Fellowship. 


48 months

RESPITE: A UK randomised controlled trial of intramuscular Pethidine vs. PCA Remifentanil in labour


Chief Clinical investigator

NIHR Health Technology Assessment


Researcher Led

May 2012-2015

SALVO: A UK national trial of intra-operative red cell salvage for Caesarean Section in women at risk of haemorrhage


Chief Clinical investigator

NIHR Health Technology Assessment

HTA 08/22/02

Oct 2010-Jan 2014

BUMPES: A trial of maternal position in late labour in women with epidural analgesia.



NIHR: Research for Patient Benefit Programme (RfPB) UKCRN ID 18096

July 2015-Dec 2016

TOPIC: A randomised controlled trial to investigate the effectiveness of Thoracic epidural and Paravertebral blockade In reducing Chronic post-thoracotomy pain - Feasibility Study

Professional activities and memberships
  • Cochrane Collaborator, anaesthesia and reproductive health
  • Deputy Director NIAA Clinical Trials Network working group.
  • TSC Chair governing the PRISM Study, examining the effectiveness of Positive End Expiratory Pressure in the prevention of respiratory complications post-surgery.
  • Trial Steering Committees of multi-centre studies including the “International Surgical Outcomes Study” (ISOS) and the “ANODE” Trial, administered by the NPEU as an independent panel member.
  • I have been appointed to the steering group of the International Collaboration to Harmonise Outcomes for Pre-eclampsia (iHOPE), funded by the NIHR, as a scientific advisor.