HAR6024: Dissertation

The Dissertation (60 credits) module is led by Tanefa Apekey. It runs in the Autumn and Spring semester and is worth 60 credits.


The Dissertation (60 credits) module is led by Tanefa Apekey. It runs in the Autumn and Spring semester and is worth 60 credits.

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This module is not available as a DDP module


The aim of this module is to enable students to develop an understanding and obtain practical experience of the research process and research skills required to undertake a supervised research project.

Students will be required to identify relevant information on a topic and critically review the research of others. A range of approaches should be used to assess the impact this information will have on either the planning of services or improving health.

The dissertation should demonstrate competence in the following areas, as applicable to their chosen dissertation topic:

  • Critically appraising and interpreting published literature;
  • Using epidemiological approaches to describe health status;
  • Collecting and using data and information to answer a clinical research question;
  • Assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of health services.


The module aims to develop an understanding of the processes and skills required to undertake a supervised research project at masters level of study, and to write this up as your dissertation. The dissertation is the assessment for this module.

The module objectives are:

  • To enable you to develop research skills commensurate with the accomplishment of a master’s degree
  • To enable you to produce a coherent and logically argued piece of writing that demonstrates competence in research and the ability to operate independently
  • To enable you to address issues of research design, methodology, ethics and theoretical arguments, and locate a piece of research within these
  • To enable you to apply the knowledge about research design and methods that you have gained from the taught components to develop your dissertation project
  • To enable you to develop skills in independent inquiry.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  1. Identify and refine an appropriate research question;
  2. Apply principles of research design to the question, and select an appropriate methodology;
  3. Design and manage a piece of original project work;
  4. Select from different methodologies, methods and forms of analysis to produce a suitable research design, and justify this design
  5. Discuss the ethical dimensions of your research and obtain appropriate ethical approval if needed
  6. Synthesize knowledge and skills previously gained and apply these to an in-depth study
  7. Establish links between theory and methods within your field of study
  8.  Present your findings in an appropriate written format.

Teaching methods

The module aims to give the students the confidence to undertake an original piece of work and to apply the knowledge about research design and methods they have gained from the taught components to their dissertation project, with the support and guidance of dissertation supervisor.

Seminars, lectures and online learning materials will be used to outline what is expected from students and to help them develop their research question and proposal ensuring that all projects comply with both ethics and governance requirements. Specific sessions will prepare students for obtaining appropriate ethical approval for their research.

One-to-one supervision sessions will provide a formal process of support to the students throughout the project including comments on drafts of the dissertation.

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