Chloe Royles

Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health

Student Affairs and Support Administrator and Disability Liaison Officer


'I am a Student Affairs and Support Administrator within the medical school and joined the team in March 2020.

I am a previous graduate of the University of Sheffield where I studied Biology. Following this, I worked for a government-funded programme within the widening participation sector. I worked with young students from a variety of backgrounds to discover what their future could hold for them, whether that be higher education or otherwise.

My current position means I work within the Student Affairs and Support team in all areas, including the Personal and Academic Tutoring System (PATs), communications with students and acting as a Disability Liaison Officer. I regularly update and track student communications and social media for the medical school and student affairs team to ensure that staff and students are aware of key changes within the department.

I also ensure the successful running of student support events and activities, as well as wider medical school priorities.