Dr Karan Mehul Shah

PhD, MSc, B.Tech

Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health

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Staff Karan Shah
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Dr Karan Mehul Shah
Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health
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The Medical School
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For enquiries please contact - ClinMed-Operational@sheffield.ac.uk

I graduated with a B.Tech in Biotechnology at Amity University, Noida, India in 2008, and moved to Sheffield to pursue an MSc in Molecular Medicine (2008-2009). Subsequently, I completed a NIHR Biomedical Research Unit for Musculoskeletal Disease funded PhD (2009-2014) investigating the effects of metal ions and nanoparticles on bone cell physiology under the mentorship of Prof Mark Wilkinson and Prof Alison Gartland.

To build on the findings from my PhD, I secured post-doctoral funding (2014-2016) from Orthopaedic Research UK (Grant Ref: 517) to investigate the molecular mechanisms that regulate the detrimental effects of metal debris on bone cells. 

Since September 2016, I have been a post-doctoral researcher with Prof. Alison Gartland on a Breast Cancer Now funded study focussed on understanding the role of lysyl oxidase and purinergic signalling in breast cancer metastasis to bone.

Research interests

Metastatic cancer is the cause of most cancer-related deaths, and my current research interest is to understand how primary tumour facilitates pre-metastatic niche formation in specific distant organs. To that end, I am exploring the role of extracellular vesicles (EV) in metastasis and organotropism. Specifically, I am interested in the mechanisms that regulate EV release from tumour cells, and the effects these EVs have on the cells of the distant metastatic site, especially bone. 

Funding and Awards:

Early Career Researcher Prize for Excellence in Outreach/Public Engagement and Excellence in Supervision/Teaching by Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health, University of Sheffield (2016).

Orthopaedic Research UK Post-doctoral Funding Co-applicant ‘Biological effects of tribocorrosion products on the bone microenvironment and prosthesis osseo-integration’ (£93,245.00).

William H. Harris Award for ‘outstanding work in orthopaedic research related to the hip’ awarded at the Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, New Orleans, USA (2014)

National Institute of Health Research Biomedical Research Fellowship (BRF-2011-013 and BRF-2011-020) for ‘The Effect of Metal Ions after Hip Resurfacing on Bone Cell Health’ (£71,187.00)


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