Mr Matthew Fisher

BSc (Hons)

Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health

Technical Specialist – BSU
+44 114 215 9067

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Mr Matthew Fisher
Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine and Population Health
The Medical School
Beech Hill Road
S10 2RX
Research interests

The TMG study the blood vessels that supply tumours with oxygen and nutrients and their role in cancer therapy. Tumours require a blood supply to grow and the blood vessels provide a route for the spread of tumour cells to other sites in the body. Therefore, targeting treatment to the blood vessels rather than the tumour cells is a potential means of killing tumours. Much of the research involves using vascular disrupting agents (VDAs) e.g. CA4P, and the susceptibility of tumour vessels to vascular shutdown.


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  • Valluru MK, Mukherjee D, Fisher M, Madrigal-Esquivel C, Bradford J, Kanthou C, Tozer GM & English WR (2019) VEGFA isoform switching in soft tissue sarcoma is associated with decreased survival. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL PATHOLOGY, Vol. 100(4) (pp A41-A41) RIS download Bibtex download