Planning a New MRI Study

Our scanners are open to new clinical, commercial or research MRI studies. This page provides a reference to those looking to start a new study with us.

An MRI scanner and visual display

Conventional MR Studies

The first step when planning a new MRI study is to contact:

Please include the information listed in the left hand box of the MRI unit research study flow chart.

This flow chart describes the procedures that we will undertake following your initial email to review and plan the implementation of the study.

University of Sheffield MRI unit research study flow chart
Flow chart describing the process of starting a research study at the University MRI unit

MRI Facilities Price List

A table of the current MRI facilities tariffs can be found here (visible to University of Sheffield staff / students):

MRI Facilities Price List

PET-MR Studies

The following presentation describes additional considerations for studies on the PET-MR system that involve the use of PET tracers (see also green text in flow chart).

Step-by-step guide to planning a research study involving Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Authored by Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Nuclear Medicine team.

Centres of excellence

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