The course has been invaluable in equipping me to become a more knowledgeable educator as well as increasing my awareness of the GP trainee curriculum

Ria Agarwal
Postgraduate student
PGCert Medical Education
Ria followed her undergraduate degree in biomedical sciences with the PGCert in Medical Education.

Ria explains, “I chose to study at the University of Sheffield because I really liked the way in which they set out the dates in advance for face to face teaching. It worked well for my clinical and academic commitments to book four days off per year, as opposed to other institutions offering a similar program; where I would have had to book a day off per week for half a day's teaching. 

“The way in which the tutors have used the online learning environment to encourage discussion has also been inspirational for my own teaching role at Sheffield Hallam University. Signposting me to specific literature during lectures has been particularly helpful, instead of simply putting up an overly broad reading list that dilutes the overall message.”

Ria is originally from Scunthorpe and worked as a Bank Healthcare Assistant at hospitals in Derbyshire for a year after completing her undergraduate degree, and then working as a Healthcare Assistant at Sheffield Children's Hospital. Before returning to the University of Sheffield, Ria moved to London to complete a Physician Associate’s course, and since 2017 has worked clinically as a Physician Associate and as a part-time Senior Lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University.

Ria is additionally a part of the University of Sheffield alumni careers mentorship programme, to talk with budding Physician Associate applicants about working as a Physician Associate, and how studying the PGCert in Medical Education has helped with her career progression. 

She adds, “The course has been invaluable in equipping me to become a more knowledgeable educator, as well as increasing my awareness of the GP trainee curriculum. 

“I have equally enjoyed every module in different ways, but certainly aspects of each of the modules have been relevant to my practice, and the assignments have been helpful at allowing me to reflect on specific experiences I have had as an educator. Through looking at recommended literature and best practice achieved by others, I now have clearer ideas on how to manage and overcome certain educational dilemmas.”

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