You finish not just with a qualification but with a vocation and a career

Jill Malbon
Postgraduate student
Physician Associate Studies
Jill always knew that she wanted to help people, but wasn't sure which academic route to take. When she found the vocational Physician Associate Studies offered by the University, she finally found the course that ticked all of her boxes.

Jill Malbon from Preston came to Sheffield to study an undergraduate degree in biomedical science. “I was always drawn to medicine and health and I knew I wanted to help people”, she explains. “But I was never really sure I wanted to be a doctor and I thought it was a huge commitment to do medicine if I wasn’t 100% sure, and you have to make that decision at a very young age.”

Our Physician Associate Studies postgraduate course proved to be exactly what Jill was looking for. “When I saw this course, I had been looking for a career in the medical field for a while and it seemed to tick all the boxes for me: medical, builds on my undergraduate degree, a good timeframe (it’s a two-year course) and you finish not just with a qualification but with a vocation and a career.”

I qualified in October 2018 and am working as a Physician Associate in general practice. This course gave me the qualification to be able to go into this career. I plan to use this year to settle into my job and then I would like to top-up to a masters degree and see how I can develop my role in the practice.

Jill Malbon

Physician Associate Studies graduate

“The course was very intense as there is so much to know in such a short timeframe, but I found the knowledge absolutely fascinating”, she explains, recalling her enjoyment of the course. “I liked how we all got to know each other well and how we were listened to by the people running the course. I enjoyed the challenge of the course and it is such a privilege being let into patients’ lives in the way that you are in healthcare.”

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