Working full-time in a lab has given me a much better understanding of the research

A researcher pipetting liquid
Lucinda Sinclair
MSc(Res) Translational Oncology
Being able to spend time working in a research laboratory helped Lucinda contextualise her research. Currently on a fast-track training programme, she wants to focus on international medical affairs.
A researcher pipetting liquid

“I’m from Brighton, and I moved up to Sheffield for university. I studied biomedical science for my undergraduate degree”, recalls Lucinda Sinclair. “After studying biomedical science, I wanted to get a more in depth understanding of a specific area. I also wanted to gain some lab experience as I’d chosen theory modules and literature reviews instead of practicals throughout my undergraduate degree. So I chose to study MSc(Res) Translational Oncology.”

“I loved doing the research project”, she says, explaining her enjoyment of the course. “Spending time working full-time in a lab has given me a much better understanding of the research. It was also great being in a small cohort as the lectures were much more interactive and interesting.”

I now work as a medical writer at Ashfield Healthcare on the Allegro Programme. My masters degree helped with my writing of course, but also with things like presenting and confidence at interviews as we had so many presentations and workshops throughout the taught phase.

Lucinda Sinclair

“After my masters I took a year out, did an internship at Pfizer in marketing and realised I enjoyed the science too much to focus on the business side. I then spent five months doing a ski season in Austria and then went travelling in the summer, by which point I realised what I wanted to do and so started my job as an associate medical writer last October.”  

“I’m on a fast-track training programme so was promoted to medical writer by October. I’d like the opportunity to travel and attend congresses so am keen to get medical affairs experience in my next rotation. I’d love to spend some time living and working in another country again.”

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