Dr Michaela Senek (PhD, MPH, MA)

Research Associate

Office located at:
The Division of Nursing and Midwifery
Barber House Annexe
3a Clarkehouse Road
Sheffield, S10 2LA

T: 0114 222 2625
E: m.senek@sheffield.ac.uk


I have been working in the field of health research since 2001, initially doing lab-based research in immunology. After completing a Master of Public Health and Epidemiology (MPH) and an MA in ESST (European Studies of Science, Society, and Technology), I did several placements with the WHO, working on a polio immunisation programme and a research project on malaria in children in Ghana. In 2018, I completed a PhD in maternal obesity, titled: An mHealth intervention for pregnant women with obesity.
Currently, I am working with the Strategic Research Alliance with the Royal College of Nursing, on several research projects, including Safe and Effective Staffing. I am also involved in a Health Foundation funded mental health project and Gender and Mesothelioma (GEMS) study, for which I am conducting a secondary analysis of routine national data to provide information on sex-differences in the prevalence, incidence, mortality and stage of diagnosis of mesothelioma.

Research Interests

Methodologically, my interest and experience is in mixed methods research. My interests lie in NHS Workforce and retention issues and missed care. I also have an interest in maternal and infant health in low-income countries and maternal obesity.


Journal Articles

Economic crisis and communicable disease control in Europe: A scoping study among national experts panel., Boika Rechel Marc Suhrcke, Svetla Tsolova Jonathan E.Suk, Monica Desai Martin McKee, David Stuckler, Ibrahim Abubakar, Paul Hunter, Michaela Senek, Jan C.Semenza. Health Policy., 2011.

The Impact of Economic Crises on Communicable Disease Transmission and Control: A Systematic Review of the Evidence., Marc Suhrcke, David Stuckler, Jonathan E. Suk, Monica Desai, Michaela Senek, Martin McKee, Svetla Tsolova, Sanjay Basu, Ibrahim Abubakar, Paul Hunter, Boika Rechel, Jan C. Semenza.PLOS ONE., 2011.

Dopaminergic regulation of ion transport in gills of the euryhaline semiterrestrial crab Chasmagnathus granulatus: interaction between D1- and D2-like receptors., G.,Genovese, Michaela Senek, Nicolás Ortiz, Mariana Regueira, David W. Towle, Martín Tresguerres, Carlos M. Luquet., Journal of Experimental Biology 2006.

Induction of branchial ion transporter mRNA expression during acclimation to salinity change in the euryhaline crab Chasmagnathus granulatus., Carlos M. Luquet, Dirk Weihrauch, Michaela Senek, David W. Towle., Journal of Experimental Biology 2005.

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