Celebrating International Women’s Day 2023

To mark International Women’s Day 2023, we are celebrating the work done by female academics in our departments to embrace equity to help to achieve an inclusive world.

International Women's Day

Dr Maria Tomlinson from the School of Journalism, Media and Communication is streaming a live lecture on The Influence of the Media and Feminism on Young People's Attitudes towards Menstruation” at 15:00 on Wednesday 8th March.  To join the session click here.

In the Department of Economics, women are challenging the traditional (male) perception of Economics. Female researchers are undertaking innovative research projects focused on the disability employability gap, environmental economics, education economics, labour economics, and financial bubbles and crashes.  Hear from these trailblazers by watching this video

Discover the  FemmepowermentAfrique project led by Dr Emma Heywood from the Department of Journalism researching the impact that radio has on the knowledge and empowerment of women in African countries.  Radio is the main source of information in many of these countries and the content and programming are crucial to ensuring the right information reaches the right people.  Based on the results of the research, Dr Heywood’s team provides recommendations to radio stations and humanitarian organisations for implementation in their information and awareness raising campaigns.

Follow @tuosgeography on Instagram to hear Professor Jenny Pickerall’s thoughts about the importance of diverse voices in the field of geography. 

Dr Paula Meth from The Department of Urban Studies and Planning celebrates her colleagues and students who are making a positive impact around the world on IWD 2023 - follow @USPSheffield on Twitter to find out more. 

For more information on the research undertaken by the departments within the Faculty of Social Sciences follow us on Twitter @SheffSocScience.