Funding Opportunities

A key aim of the network is to provide funding opportunities that can promote and enhance research on Korean language and society.

Read below for information about available funding opportunities.

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ECR funding for 2022

The network would like to announce summer research 2022 funding for three early career researchers (ECRs) with awards of up to £750.

A core aim of the network is to support early career researchers who work on areas of Korean language and society, in fields such as sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, applied linguistics, or related disciplines. Because field-based research has been affected by the pandemic, this funding will allow junior researchers to resume or undertake research that has been delayed. The category 'early career researchers' includes academic researchers at the Master's, PhD, or Post-doctoral levels, as well as those in non-permanent jobs who are within five years of a PhD.

Funding Parameters

Funding is available under the UKRI's definition of 'travel and subsistence' which covers some of following categories:

  1. Travel for research purposes, including international travel

  2. Research expenses, excluding equipment purchases

  3. Conference attendance

  4. Subsistence expenses during research activities

Eligibility: funding is available to current ECRs with active research projects that focus on a sociolinguistic aspect of Korean language, broadly defined. 

How to Apply

To apply for the funding, answer the following questions through the link below:

  1. Summary of current research project (500 words)

  2. Description of use of funds and justification (250 words)

  3. Description of how research activities have been affected by the pandemic (100 words)

  4. Applications may be submitted in English or Korean. 


Applications will be considered on an ongoing (rolling) basis and will be available until they are used up.

For enquiries, please email:

Funded Projects

The network has funded the following projects for early career researchers

Kyu Hyun Park, Ph.D Student, Northumbria

Project description: 

'This funding will allow me conduct field research in Korea. The empirical work includes observations of interactions between native speakers of Korean to discover patterns in their production. I find evidence about how the communicative behaviour of participants is affected by assumptions about interlocutors. In particular, the empirical work focuses on how Korean speakers predict their hearers' cultural identity and apply their assumptions to the way of their speaking. Korean language provides insight to explore inference in speech production as it is highly contextual. For example, in terms of grammar, Korean may require high inferential ability as it allows to make sentences without indicating subject or object. Also, in the cultural perspective, there is nunch’i which is a concept of tact to read other people's minds. These interesting characteristics of Korean will help understanding about how speakers' inferences about hearers' cultural identities affect their speech.'