Dr Eva Haifa Giraud

MA (hons), MA, PhD

Department of Sociological Studies

Senior Lecturer in Digital Media & Society


Eva Haifa Giraud

Full contact details

Dr Eva Haifa Giraud
Department of Sociological Studies
Elmfield Building
Northumberland Road
S10 2TU

Eva joined the Department of Sociological Studies in 2021. After completing her PhD in 2011 in the University of Nottingham’s Centre of Critical Theory, she worked in the Department of Culture, Film and Media at Nottingham for three years, before gaining her first permanent post in Keele University’s Media Department in 2014.  

Eva’s research has two strands. In empirical terms, she is interested in the ways that activists negotiate frictions associated with the media platforms they use, particularly the challenges posed by social media. Eva also has a broad conceptual interest in some of the potentials and tensions associated with non-anthropocentric theoretical work. She has drawn these themes together in her books What Comes After Entanglement? (Duke University Press, 2019) and Veganism: Politics, Practice and Theory (Bloomsbury Academic, 2021). Eva is currently on the editorial team of the international journal Cultural Politics. Eva has an H-commons page here.

Research interests

Eva is currently CO-I on two funded projects:

  • ‘#ContestingIslamophobia: Representation and Appropriation in Mediated Activism’ (AHRC-funded), with Professor Elizabeth Poole (P-I) and Professor Ed de Quincey, which examines the circulation and contestation of online hate speech,


  • ‘Storytelling for Environmental Change: Tackling Air Pollution in the World’s Most Polluted City’ (GCRF funded), with Dr Pawas Bisht (P-I) and Dr Sabina Kidwai, which explores the possibility of creating participatory forms of environmental storytelling.

Main research interests:

  • Alternative and activist media
  • Food politics
  • ‘Lifestyle’ ethics
  • Online dis/misinformation and hate speech
  • Mediated activism (particularly animal, anti-racist, and environmental activism)
  • Science and technology studies (STS)
  • Social & cultural theory (especially related to cultural politics)


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  • Giraud EH (2019) What Comes After Entanglement? Activism, Anthropocentrism, and an Ethics of Exclusion. Duke University Press. RIS download Bibtex download

Journal articles


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  • Giraud E (2017) Displacement, ‘failure’ and friction: Tactical interventions in the communication ecologies of anti-capitalist food activism In Schneider T, Eli K, Dolan C & Ulijaszek S (Ed.), Digital Food Activism (pp. 48-68). Routledge RIS download Bibtex download
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  • Giraud E () That’ll do pig! Critical potentials in James Cromwell’s celebrity-activist media ecologies In Parkinson C & Herring L (Ed.), Animal Activism on Screen Sydney: Sydney University Press. RIS download Bibtex download
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Book reviews


Teaching interests

Eva is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and has longstanding commitments to critical pedagogies, which aim to empower students through experiential, dialogical approaches to learning. She has published about strategies for teaching media and social theory, and was awarded a university-wide teaching excellence award for pedagogical work at her previous institution. Eva has particular interest in finding ways to make difficult theory accessible to students, as she struggled with understanding certain concepts and debates when she began her studies – and still remembers the moment when things ‘clicked’ for her, so always hopes she can do the same for her students.

Teaching activities

Eva currently teaches on the following modules:

  • SCS2024 Digital Media and Social Change

  • SCS6109 Global Challenges in Digital Society

PhD supervision

Eva’s PhD supervision has been relatively wide-ranging and includes projects focused on: patient activism in an era of disinformation, postfeminist identity in popular film and television, empowerment discourses in hijab fashion Instagram communities, media reporting of global happiness indexes, safe spaces and everyday utopia, gender politics and hierarchy in on/offline cosplay communities, and the cultural politics of drone warfare.   

Eva is particularly interested in supporting future projects on topics such as: food activism, environmental politics, animal activism and activist media ecologies, or any of her other research interests listed above. She is also happy to support projects that engage with social and cultural theory more widely (especially related to feminist STS and cultural politics)