Planning Process

Confirmation of the Operational Plan 2015/16 post-budget considerations.

Timescale Phase Activity
October 2016 Design
Identify Key Themes
  • Agree the process and timetable
  • ‘Planning Focus & Priorities’ discussed by UEB based on review of PIs and the wider political and policy context.
November 2016 Communicate
  • 'Planning Focus & Priorities' circulated within the narrative template to Faculties and PSE with a briefing regarding the operation of the Planning Round.
  • Outlook Planning Information Packs issued to Faculties and Professional Services.
December 2016 Inform & Align
  • FDOs meeting with PSE to discuss the Faculty narratives regarding priorites for Professional Services responses.
Planning meetings & target setting conducted within Faculties.
January 2017 Performance Review and Target setting
  • Academic Planning Templates circulated to Faculites in Decdember for completion and return to SPG by 31 January 2017.
January/February 2017 Strategic Updates
  • Preparation of updates by Faculties, Cross-cutting PVCs and Professional Services.
  • Early identifcation of key issues with Faculty and the Professional Services by the DVC, XPVCs and Director of Strategy, Planning , Director of Finance and Chief Financial Officer.
  • Faculties, Professional Services and Cross-cutting PVCs to return final versions to SPG by 17 February 2017.
  • Professional Services review of intake targets with Planning Services Officers.
  • UEB receive and consider student number targets on 28 February 2017.
  • Financial forecast assumptions defined for UEB, Finance Committee and Council review and approval.
March 2017 Review & Respond
  • Consideration of Faculty strategies and updates during March 2017, subject to confirmation:
    7 March: Arts and Science,
    14 March: Medicine and Social Sciences,
    21 March: Engineering and AMRC,
    28 March: Professional Services and XPVCs,
    11 April: International Faculty.
  • Approve draft Outcomes and Action for 2017/18 for consideration by the Vice-Chancellor.
  • Draft financial forecasts for UEB and Finance Committee consideration.
April 2017 Decisions and Choices
  • UEB Away day discussion of themes arising from the updates and development of action points (25 April 2017)
May - June 2017 Actions and Funding
  • CFO, DoF, DVC and DoSP meet Faculty for completion of iterative financial forecasting.
  • Preparation and agreement of budgets for 2017/18 and indicative budgets for 2018/19.
July 2017 Feedback and Change
  • Planning outcomes letters will confirm objectives, financial context and performance measures as one outcome.
  • Planning Outcomes and Priorities and Financial Forecast for 2017/18 to go together to Council in July for consideration and approval.