Fitness to Practise Appeals


The Fitness to Practise Regulations (which only apply to specific programmes of study) allow a student to appeal against a decision of the Faculty Fitness to Practise Committee to the Appeals Committee of the Senate, on specified grounds.


You may only appeal against a decision of the Committee upon one or more of the following grounds:-

  1.  that there was a material procedural irregularity which rendered the process leading to the initial decision unfair;
  2.  that material of which the student could not reasonably have been expected to have been aware of at the time of the initial decision casts substantial doubt upon the appropriateness of that decision;
  3.  that the initial decision was manifestly unreasonable.


You should apply in writing within 15 working days of the date of the letter of notification of the decision, for your case to be considered by the Appeals Committee of the Senate in accordance with the established Procedures.  The Committee may confirm, quash or vary the original decision but has no power to vary any decision made by the Examiners.


Student Conduct and Appeals Team

Advice for Students

The Student Advice Centre can advise a student on their position.


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Notes on the Procedures relating to Student Fitness to Practise