Appeal Against a Decision made Under the Regulations as to Progress of Students


The Progress of Students Regulations allow a student to appeal, on specified grounds, against a decision of the Faculty Student Review Committee to the Senate Appeals Panel.


You may only appeal against a decision of the Committee upon one or more of the following grounds:

  1. that there was a material procedural irregularity which rendered the process leading to the initial decision unfair;
  2. that material which the student could not reasonably have been expected to produce at the time of the initial decision casts substantial doubt upon the appropriateness of that decision;
  3. that the initial decision was manifestly unreasonable.


Complete the Progress Appeals form included with the decision letter sent out to you following the Faculty Student Review Committee hearing, as per the instructions in the letter.


Advice for Students

The Student Advice Centre can offer independent advice to students.


Read the General Regulations relating to the Progress of Students for the relevant academic year in the