Library appeals

How to appeal against the University Library's decision to impose a fine, charge or other penalties.


Our Commitment

We encourage all students to read the Our Commitment partnership document, which sets out the expectations of both the University and of students in order to help ensure the best learning experience.

Making sure you have grounds for appeal

Any student who feels they have a case may appeal.

The appeal process

Submitting your appeal

You should submit your grounds for appeal in writing to the Director of Library Services no more than 15 working days after receiving notice of your penalty.  A written response will normally be provided to you within 15 working days of receipt of the appeal. 

Still not satisfied?

If you're not happy with the Director's decision, you will have 15 working days to submit an appeal in writing to the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Information Services, who will decide whether or not your appeal will be upheld. 

A written response will normally be provided to you within 30 working days of the receipt of the appeal. 

Borrowing from the library

If your borrowing rights with the University Library have been suspended, the Director of Library Services will have the authority to reinstate them depending on the outcome of your appeal.

Advice for students

The Student Advice Centre can give you independent advice on making an appeal.


To read the general regulations for library appeals, look for the relevant academic year in the University Calendar.

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