Our Commitment

Our Commitment is a partnership document between the University of Sheffield and its students, setting out individual rights and responsibilities to help students and staff work together in a spirit of co-operation. It has been endorsed by the Vice-Chancellor of the University and the current President of the Students' Union, on behalf of all students and is reviewed annually. Our Commitment was formerly known as the Students' Charter.

Our Commitment Statements For Students

Our Commitment Statements for Staff

The following web pages contain essential information to help support students as they navigate through their student life.  This information should also help them understand what the University requires of them and what they can contribute to the wider University and local community.

The University aims to provide all students with access to a full range of University services. However some categories of students, such as those registered on distance learning programmes, may not have access to services in the same way as students with full-time attendance. Information specific to those students likely to have different forms of access will be communicated in course material before the commencement of their studies.
Annual Review

Our Commitment is updated annually in consultation with the Students' Union. Comments and suggestions for amendments can be sent to the Student Conduct and Appeals Office (sca@sheffield.ac.uk) at any time during the year.