The Centre is supported by industrial companies who jointly fund projects, provide training opportunities, routes for technology transfer, and steer Centre activities.


Industrial collaborators

We work with a a range of industrial partners, including; Rolls-Royce, Jaguar-Landcover, Croda, Akzo-Nobel, Afton, RSSB, National Physical Laboratory, Changan, Wallwork and many more.

Industrial membership of the Centre costs each company £20,000 per year for four years. For this, companies have a student for their one-to-one project and access to the whole pool of pre-competitive project students. They are also involved in steering the cohort activities, choosing research directions, involvement in training activity, and benefiting from mini-projects. We also expect partners to see the cohort as a pool of potential future employees.

Student cohort

PhD student vacancies are widely advertised and we select bright capable candidates from engineering, mathematics, and natural sciences backgrounds. Each year we will train 12 PhD students as a cohort. Six of these students work on one-to-one industry projects direct with their sponsor.

The other six work on more fundamental pre-competitive research - multi-industry projects. Students will get involved in all kinds of research; fundamental science, consultancy, applied research and technology transfer.

Join us

There are a number of benefits to collaborating with us at iT-CDT.

1. Access

You and your company can access world leading research, facilities and equipment, as well as academic expertise across two universities.

2. Steer activity

You will be actively involved in deciding research directions for the Centre and training activities for students.

3. Multiple projects

You will have full access to a pool of multiple industry projects, as well as your own research and impact project.

4. Future employees

Primary access to expertly trained future engineers and scientists for your own organisations.

If you would like to collaborate with us, please email

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