​A key feature of the Centre is that industry partners and academics get together and define the core area of fundamental science for the cohort.


Each partner has a specific one-to-one project but also access to the multi-industry project pool. These projects are selected through a facilitated workshop for each new cohort and cover a range of themes.

Industry projects

Examples of projects we have completed through the Centre are given below.

Transitions and tribo-films

This project focuses how chemical surface films change the way tribological contacts transition from one regime to another focusing on developing new real time measurement techniques.

Modelling mixed lubrication

Many of our machine components run with some degree of solid contact, this project aims to provide new realistic ways to model these processes.

In-situ techniques for mixed-lubrication

The development of measurement methods for determining oil film thickness and contact areas in real mixed lubrication components.

Coatings and additive interactions

Modern machines are increasingly using advanced surface coatings and treatments. This project is about ensuring the lubricant additive design keeps pace.

Surface texturing

This project focusses on practical ways to create bespoke surface textures and ways in which their performance can be assessed and monitored.

Dry contacts and the fundamentals of asperity interaction

Many important machine components run without lubricant. This project focusses on creating real experimental understanding of the behaviour of such asperity contacts on a micro-scale.

A global reputation

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