Dr Alan Radbourne

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Project Manager, Plynlimon field site, UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology

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Alan is the project manager of the GGR ERW Plynlimon field site and a soil and water scientist for UKCEH, managing science projects in sustainable land use and agro-ecological practices. His research focuses on two key themes. Firstly, soil and water interactions, primarily focusing on carbon and nutrient pathways across a landscape from field to lake (and sometimes as far as to the sea), with a particular interest in sediment and water interactions driven by land-use and/or climate change.  Secondly, sustainable nature friendly farming, aiming to gather evidence and promote ways of sustainably managing land that is not only beneficial for nature and the environment, but importantly is viable for the business enterprise. Owning a 12-acre smallholding and being a farmers son he has a keen sense that his science must be applicable to the real world and developed by engaging with the people it will impact and hopefully benefit. 

A key part of Alan’s work is increasingly to gather high-quality data and communicate the key findings in ways that is accessible to all interested parties. Clear communication through a variety of platforms is vital to bring people together, to share knowledge and ultimately move forward to a better future of sustainable environmental management - where we work in harmony with nature.