Information Compliance, Records Management and Archives

Information Compliance - Data Protection and Freedom of Information - the handling of formal requests for information under both pieces of legislation and the provision of guidance and advice on handling personal data within the University.

Records Management - the provision of guidance and advice on all aspects of record keeping throughout the information lifecycle, covering both hard copy records and born digital material and the operation of the University's records centre, a facility to handle the management of hard copy records.

Archive management - the management of the University's own records that have been identified as worthy of permanent preservation. It primarily covers their identification as assets worthy of long term preservation, their organisation and cataloguing and ensuring their accessibility for researchers.

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Information Compliance

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Records Management

The aim of records management is to assist departments in managing their records in an orderly and accountable manner. In order to do this we adhere to a range of standards and best practice.

Records Management Policy

University Records Centre

Records Advice and Guidance


The University administrative archive forms the historical record of the University of Sheffield. It is made up of administrative records deemed worthy of permanent preservation and constitutes the corporate memory of the University.

The records reflect the development and achievements of the University from its constituent members – the Technical School, Medical School and Firth College, through to the creation of the University College in 1897 and the University of Sheffield in 1905. It is an important research resource for those interested in the history of the University, the wider local community and of Higher Education within the UK.

The archive is open to researchers, however appointments to access material must be made in the first instance to the University archivist (

Please note that walk-in consultation is not available.

The opening times are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 9.30am to 1.00pm and 2.00pm to 4.30pm

Archive Collection Policy

Archive Appraisal Policy

Archive Advice and Guidance

Access to Archive Material