What I'm learning is closely related to everyday life

Liqiong Han - MA USP
Liqiong Han
Liqiong Han
MA Urban Design and Planning
Liqiong has always been interested in how real people are engaged in the urban planning process, and how their voices are heard and considered in the design scheme - so studying MA Urban Design and Planning is perfect for her.

Which USP course are you currently studying?

I am currently taking MA Urban Design and Planning.

Why did you decide to study USP, and why did you choose Sheffield?

I was enlightened by Dr. Liu Thai Ker's project that transformed an island country from a concentration of slums into one of the world's most livable megacities and decided to learn urban planning and design to improve people's dwelling environment. The University of Sheffield has a well-known reputation in the planning area where the urban design expertise of the School of Architecture and the international planning expertise of the Department of Urban Studies and Planning are combined.

What is your favourite thing about your course? Any favourite modules?

I have always been interested in how real people are engaged in urban planning process and how their voices are heard and considered in the design scheme by urban planner and designers. Therefore my favourite module this year is Civil Participation in Planning and Development.

What is your favourite thing about Sheffield?

Sheffield is a city that grew from industry and is now undergoing regeneration. From the perspective of urban design and planning, there are many parts of the city that can correspond to what is studied in the course.

Also, as an international student from China, I think it is hard to find any other British city with a greater abundance of Chinese restaurants than Sheffield.

What are your plans for when you complete your degree? And how do you think your degree will help with career prospects?

I hope to find an internship in an enterprise related to urban development and construction in the UK, and then decide whether to go back to China or continue working in the UK depending on the situation. The postgraduate courses not only introduce the theory but also have a lot of courses that assume the formal working situation so that we can understand and participate in the practice, which will make me move from the campus to the actual work faster.

What advice would you give to new students in the department?

What we learn is closely related to our everyday life. Paying attention to the details of city life is of great benefit to the study of this department.

Green Impact

Liqiong is a member of the USP Green Impact team. The project is all about rewarding positive environmental action within University departments. 

Can you explain a bit about your role in the Green Impact team and what it has involved?

I am a Green Impact Project Assistant in the Department of Urban Studies and Planning team, assisting the department in achieving sustainable development goals. I spent about 4 hours per month on Green Impact projects, which won't take much time away from studying for my degree.

In addition to taking the Sustainability Training Module and engaging in the meeting with group members, I have been cooperating with other team members and working on the project "Read and Recycle", for which I made several posters for promoting it offline and online. I have developed better communication and cooperation skills along with working experience on a particular project.

Why did you decide to get involved with Green Impact?

I have always been interested in the topic of sustainable development and I want to add some experience in practical activities during my postgraduate study.


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