Changes in Inter-State Authority Relations in Contemporary Metropolitan Governance

Cihan Cavil
Cihan Talha Cagil
PhD candidate
Environment, infrastructure and sustainability; Planning, people and place
The Case Study of Istanbul

Contemporary urban planning has a multidimensional structure in terms of relations between actors as well as interdisciplinary. Today, this multidimensionality is felt throughout the planning process, especially in geographies where globalization and neo-liberal economic structuring are strongly felt. These geographies are mostly developing countries. Contrary to the transparent planning approach and social participation in Western democracies, Turkey is one of the developing countries where the aforementioned concepts are mostly in the discourse.

Turkey, which wanted to find a place for itself in the world that was reshaped especially in the 20th century, felt the impact of global economic policies and systems. The spatial planning approach in Turkey, which has always been in a strategic position due to its historical background and geographical location, has also been heavily influenced by the integration process into the economic systems mentioned.

Within the scope of this thesis, the effects of the concept of globalization, which has influenced the world especially after 1980, in Turkey will be examined. The broad focus of this research is how the relations between central and local actors in the planning system in Turkey have changed after globalization. The key interest of the study is changing nature of this dynamic in the context of globalisation/neoliberal transformation. Specific concern is defined as why and how this dynamic is changing and the implications for urban space. All the above are explored through a particular case study in Istanbul during the process of becoming a global financial centre. Qualitative research methods were used in the data collection and analysis process within the scope of the study, and a descriptive perspective was adopted in data analysis.

Supervisors: Professor David Robinson, Professor Malcolm Tait

Before starting my doctoral studies at The University of Sheffield, I received my undergraduate degree with honors from Istanbul Technical University - Department of Urban and Regional Planning in 2004 and my master's degree in 2007. Then, as a researcher at REAL (Regional Economics and Applications Laboratories) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I conducted academic studies on regional development and spatial planning.

Additionally, I have been working professionally as an "Urban Planning Specialist" in Istanbul and Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipalities as of the end of 2004. By taking an active role in urban development plans at different scales, I have had remarkable experiences in the planning implementation process. Apart from this, I also taught courses such as "zoning law" and "urban design studio" as a guest lecturer.

In addition, I served as the "Student Ambassador" at the University of Sheffield International Office on behalf of students from Turkey and Azerbaijan for two years.

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