Residential Redevelopment: Eviction and the reconstruction of space in the lower half of Chongqing, China

Portrait of PhD student Wanying Li
Wanying Li
PhD student
Planning, people and place
Wanying's research examines urban development in China and its social challenges.

Supervised by Dr Amparo Tarazona Vento and Dr Madeleine Pill.

"My research interests include urban development in China and its social challenges, especially the Chinese land and housing development, peculiarity and politics. Now, I focus on the ""Urban Village"" in Chongqing, China.

18T(as the part of the lower half of Chongqing city) was a place for low-income individuals and migrant workers. However, in the last ten years, the local government has focused on ways to redevelop this urban space with its increasing urbanisation and population density. Therefore, my research takes 18T as a case study to deconstruct and analyse the complex and intersectional problems of the UVRPs (Urban Village Redevelopment Projects) and recognise and debate the relationship between the main stakeholders: local government, property developers, residents, and non-residents.

I contribute to giving a perspective and insight into these practices and showing the development process, results, and what could be learned from these experiences. From China's real urban context, a series of UVRPs are outlined, reflected upon and crafted into a revisable interpretation of the city in dialogue with its essence. These studies are essential for understanding China's ongoing urban restructuring and could be a useful contribution to future research on UVRPs in China."

Graduated from MRes Pathway in the School of Architecture, Royal College of Art. Architectural design background, Senior CAD engineer. My independent research MRes project Reaching God: The representation of skyscrapers in Chinese urbanism that focused on questions of the future of the skyscraper in China in relation to political ecologies, Chinese economic and social futures, and migration and environmental pressures.

In addition to trying to contributing to debates in urban thinking, planning and architecture. I am also full of innovative and experimental thinking and actively involved in the disciplines of art: Contour 9 Biennale Mechelen and Marking Feeling, Feeling Planning - A workshop and colloquium for the London Festival of Architecture. These group projects (RCA’s MRes Architecture cohort of 2018/19) aimed at deconstructing the latest version of the Mayor of London’s London Plan by replacing a language of ‘growth’ with a language of ‘care’. After initial research and fieldwork, we developed a workshop methodology to engage with the urban environment from a human scale and awareness of feeling and sensation. To render accessible through our own experiences the complexity in languages of planning and architecture.