QGIS map project

Download a complete, packaged QGIS project to create your own IMD2019 maps.


Download the complete, packaged QGIS project (.zip, 1.94GB)

This file can be used in QGIS to recreate the IMD 2019 maps created for the release of the new English Indices of Deprivation on 26 September 2019. This project will allow users to recreate the maps (minus the MHCLG logo) and also edit anything they want to. You need to have experience with QGIS in order to use this project. All map layers are included in the download.

About the project

Alasdair Rae wanted to bring more clarity, consistency and comparability to the mapping of this important national dataset for England, and the maps he produced are the result.

Alasdair thought it would be useful to share the data and project he used to create it so that any other interested users could benefit from it.

This is not an official MHCLG output, but it does allow users to recreate the IMD 2019 map outputs created in collaboration with the team at MHCLG.

Useful information

  • This project was created in QGIS3.4 on Windows
  • Once unzipped, it should open without any problems
  • There is an information notice on the map window, by way of explanation
  • You will probably have to turn the Atlas on in Print Layout before you see things properly
  • Make sure you read the information notice about the files
  • This was all created with open data but make sure you also read the licence notice
Information notice

This directory contains a zipped folder containing a QGIS project that will allow users to replicate the IMD2019 maps.

The zipped folder contains all layers, including all buildings, so it's a very large - about 2GB zipped, about 6GB unzipped. If that's too unwieldly for you, try removing the buildings layer.

Feel free to use, adapt and share as you see fit.

If you get the 'Handle Bad Layers' warning in QGIS when you try to open the project, you'll need to click 'Browse' for each layer so that QGIS knows where to load the data from. The layers should be in the 'layers' folder in the zipped folder you downloaded. Once you've done that it will all work.

Alasdair Rae

8 October 2019

Licence notice

IMD2019 map project in QGIS3, created by Alasdair Rae (8 Oct 2019)

Licence notices

Use of OS OpenData is subject to terms of use: OS OpenData Licence

Contains Ordnance Survey data Crown copyright and database right 2019

Contains National Statistics data Crown copyright and database right 2019

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