Priority two: Diversity & Inclusion

We will build a diverse community of staff and students that recognises and values the abilities, backgrounds, beliefs and ways of living for everyone. Our culture should ensure all members of the University community feel they belong and are treated with respect.

A collection of University of Sheffield students from different backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures posing for a photograph on campus.

We will:

  • Increase the diversity of our staff and student body, and identify and tackle patterns of inequality, to ensure that all staff and students can achieve their full potential.
  • Ensure that we continue to consider equality, diversity and inclusion in the development of core policies, processes, procedures and guidance documents; be mindful of the impact of our decisions on members of our community with protected characteristics and those who traditionally have less of a voice.
  • Support the creation of an inclusive culture through the provision of appropriate and accessible training and development opportunities for all staff, aligned to their role and responsibilities, and provide training in cultural difference and inclusive behaviours for students.
  • Geographically diversify our international activities, including student recruitment and partnerships, by exploring new opportunities in carefully selected countries and regions.
  • Facilitate the integration of international staff and students, both academically and socially.
  • Give all students the opportunity to develop skills that make them culturally agile, internationally employable and ready to play a part as global citizens, including expanding our study abroad initiatives.

Our vision

We are the University of Sheffield. And this is our vision.