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Site CMS  Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
19th International Symposium on Chromaffin Cell Biology Legacy Elizabeth Seward / Bazbek Davletov
2022 Futures Legacy Robin Byles / Heidi Gilchrist
301: Student Skills and Development Centre Legacy Jennifer Freeman / Oliver Johnson
7T Magnetic Resonance Imaging facility Legacy Devashish Das / Jason Berwick


Site CMS  Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
About Legacy Robin Byles / Heidi Gilchrist
Academic programmes and student engagement Legacy Fern Merrills / Jackie Smith
The Academic Skills Hub (TASH) Legacy Oliver Johnson / Scott Castle
Academic Unit of Medical Education Legacy Richard Davidson / Gail Hible
Accommodation Legacy Melanie Summers / Emma Chorley
Accommodation and Commercial Services Legacy Melanie Summers / Emma Chorley
Admissions Legacy Stephen Hardcastle / Lynsey Hopkins
Aerospace Engineering Legacy Adam Greenwood / Lara Pitts
Population Ageing and Sustainable Livelihoods in regions affected by HIV/AIDS Legacy Jake Durkin
A global university Legacy Robin Byles
Alumni Legacy Sarah Hopkins / Nick Kennard
Angie Hobbs on Ancient Greek Philosophy Legacy Graham McElearney / Dave Holloway
Animal and Plant Sciences (APS) Legacy Philip Warren
Archaeology Legacy Laura Maltman / Caroline Jackson
Architecture New Sara Lancashire
Arts Science Encounters Legacy Jake Durkin
Association of University Administrators (AUA) Legacy Victoria Palmer
Automatic Control and Systems Engineering (ACSE) Legacy Ian Lilley / Matthew Ham


Site CMS  Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Bakhtin Centre, The Legacy Craig Brandist
BAME Staff Network Legacy Charlotte Axon / Isaiah Durosaiye
BIG Energy upgrade, The Legacy Mykel Spence
Bioengineering Legacy Adam Greenwood / Lara Pitts
Biomedical Science Legacy Neil Everill  
Biosciences at Sheffield Legacy Laura Murray / Robert Cooke
British Conference of Undergraduate Research 2018 Legacy Amy Mollekin

Site CMS  Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second


Legacy Kathryn Clements / Angela Davison
Calibrated Agent Simulations for Combined Analysis of Drinking Etiologies Legacy Robin Purshouse
Campus Masterplan Legacy Amy Jones / Robin Byles
Cardiovascular Science Legacy Victoria Palmer / Medicine IT
Careers Legacy Stephen Davie / Gavin Smillie
Castlegate Festival Legacy Nicola Strafford / Lynette Hodges
Catalan Legacy Terence Dunne / Caroline Wordley
Catchment Science Centre Legacy Ben Surridge / Vikas Kumar
Centre for Bayesian Statistics in Health Economics Legacy John Stevens / Mark Strong
Centre for Cement and Concrete Legacy Maurizio Guadagnini / Kypros Pilakoutas
Centre for Energy, Environment and Sustainability (CEES) Legacy Mykel Spence
Centre for Energy & Infrastructure Ground Research Legacy Jonathan Black / Paul Shepley
Centre for Health and Wellbeing in Public Policy (CWiPP) Legacy Alexis Foster / Tessa Peasgood
Centre for Membrane Interactions and Dynamics Legacy Neil Everill / Robert Cooke
Centre for New Music at Sheffield - Dorothy M. Ker /  Adam Stanovich
Centre for Nineteenth-Century Studies Legacy Helen Abbott / Michael Perraudin
Centre for Psychological Services Research Legacy Chris Blackmore / Abby Constantine
Centre for Regional Economic & Enterprise Development (CREED) Legacy Mykel Spence
Centre for Research into Accounting and Finance in Context (CRAFiC) Legacy Mykel Spence / Mark Latham
Centre for Research into Electronic Energy Storage & Applications Legacy Matthew Billson / Charley Hurley
Centre for Stem Cell Biology Legacy Neil Everill / Richard Weightman
Centre for the Study of Journalism and History Legacy Martin Conboy
Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design Legacy Sara Lancashire / 
Ceramics and Composites Laboratory Legacy Lauren Ashton / Zarah Hill
Changing Families, Changing Food Legacy  Thomas Sullivan / Peter Jackson
Chaplaincy Legacy Jeremy Clines / Kathryn Fey-Beaton
Chemical & Biological Engineering (CBE) New CMS Philip Strafford
Chemical Engineering at the Life Science Interface Legacy Philip Strafford
Chemistry Legacy Anthony Meijer / Dean Liversidge
Clean Coal Combustion Legacy Sophie Hylands
Computing & Control for the Water Industry Conference Legacy Richard Collins / Dr Steve Mounce
Civil and Structural Engineering Legacy Greg Shaw / Sam Clarke
Clinical Applications of Speech Technology Legacy Stuart Cunningham / Sarah Creer
Clinical Dentistry Legacy Anna Burrows / Malise Andreanelli
Clinical Psychology Unit Legacy Kirsten Bartlett / Joshua Swift
Cloud to Coast Legacy Will Shepherd / Lindsay Hopcroft
MA in Cognitive Studies Legacy George Botterill
Collaboration Legacy Chris Smith / Robert Cooke
Community Relations Legacy Amy Jones / Malcolm Roberts
Composite Systems Innovation Centre Legacy Alma Hodzic / Costas Soutis
Computer Science Legacy Kathryn Roden / Rebecca Brough
Concerts Legacy Stewart Campbell
Concrete Materials Research Unit Legacy Cyril Lynsdale
Conference with US Legacy Jacqui Cameron / Madeleine Drury 
Sheffield Confucius Institute Legacy Xinqun Hu / Yi Yang
Construction Innovation Legacy Maurizio Guadagnini
Consumer Culture in an Age of Anxiety Legacy Thomas Sullivan
Contact Legacy Robin Byles
Continuing Professional Development for Health and Social Care Practitioners Legacy Jesrine Clarke-Darrington / Lisa Bell
Contracts and Agreements Legacy Andrew Flint / Vicky Madden
Copyright Legacy Sharon Cocker
Corporate Communications Legacy Heidi Gilchrist / Robin Byles
Corporate Information and Computing Services Legacy Laurence Cornford
Cost Effective Neural Technique for Alleviation of Urban Flood Risk Legacy Will Sheperd / Lindsay Hopcroft
Courses New CMS Robin Byles
Curious Legacy Daniel Liao
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Legacy Krithia Tibbles
Cycle Forum Legacy Simon Geller / Ian Loasby
Czech Legacy Terence Dunne / Caroline Wordley


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Drama Studio Legacy Scott McMullin
Diamond, The Legacy Jo MacKenzie / Rachael Newton-Carroll
Dutch Studies Legacy Roel Vismans


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Economics Legacy Michael Crabtree / Jacob Holmes
EFM Legacy Kirsty Bowen
Eighteenth-Century Studies Group Legacy James Pearson / Karen Harvey
Electronic and Electrical Engineering (EEE) Legacy Mark Jenkins / Jane Bradbury
Engineering at Sheffield Legacy Sophie Hylands / Charley Hurley
English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) Legacy Christopher Jenkin / Hans Heap
Erasmus+ Legacy Jen Foster / Sophie Hawley
Events Team Legacy Natalie Billau
Experiences Legacy Stephen Davie / Gavin Smillie


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Faculty of Arts and Humanities Legacy Helen Heaton
Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Legacy Jonathan Benson
Faculty of Science Legacy Robert Cooke / Tricia Hart
Faculty of Social Sciences Legacy Sarah Hare / Alastair McCloskey
Fee Deposits Legacy Amanda Hamilton / Stephen Hardcastle
Finance Legacy Michelle Potts / Robert Hebblethwaite
Food and Drink Legacy Katie Butler
French Legacy Alexander McGibbon / Fergus Conolly
The Further Higher Project Legacy Karen Kitchen / Gareth Parry


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Centre for Gender Research Legacy Daniel Villalba Algas
Geography Legacy Jake Durkin / Steven Norburn
Germanic Studies Legacy Alexander McGibbon /Fergus Conolly
Global Opportunities & Exchanges Legacy Jen Foster / Sophie Hawley
Going Underground Legacy Jon Bridge / Steven Banwart
Governance Legacy Kathryn Clements / Angela Davison


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Health and Safety Legacy Dionne Edwards / Debbie Fisher
Hispanic Studies Legacy Alexander McGibbon / Fergus Conolly
History Legacy James Pearson / Nicole Parry
Humanities Research Institute Legacy Kerry McMahon / Katherine Rogers
Human Communication Sciences (HCS) Legacy Stuart Cunningham / José Garcia
Human Metabolism Legacy Daniele Swain / Medicine IT
Human Resources Legacy Kerry Hudd


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
ICOSS Legacy Mark Wainwright
Infection and Immunity Legacy Pauline Whitaker
Information Commons Legacy Rachael Newton-Carroll / Matthew Cooper
Information for Parents Legacy Rebecca Proctor
Information School Legacy Harriet Godfrey-Holmes / John Bennett
Internal Communications Legacy Kate Mitchell / Somer Finlay
International Partnerships Legacy Helen Price / Danielle Bertrand
International Recruitment Legacy Jen Foster / Jo Thompson
iTunes U - see Sheffield on iTunes U    


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Jobs Legacy Hannah Stokes / Martin Spencer
Journalism Legacy Pete Green / Bill Carmichael

Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Kroto Research Institute Legacy Elinor Noble / George Rees


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Landscape Legacy Paul Buck / Andy Clayden
Learning and Teaching Services (LeTS) Legacy Jackie Smith / Karen Cohen
Learning & Teaching At Sheffield Legacy India Woof / Fern Merrills
Legal Support Network Legacy Andrew Flint / Daniel Rose
Letter Writing Legacy Jonathan Ellis
Department of Lifelong Learning (was TILL) Legacy Helen Roy / Charlotte Mynett
Logistics & Supply Chain Management Research Centre Legacy Mark Wainright
Centre for Luxembourg Studies Legacy Kristine Horner


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Marketing Legacy Robin Byles
MASH Legacy Jennifer Freeman / Matthew Martin
Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) Legacy Chris Black / Karen Cohen
Department of Materials Science and Engineering Legacy Stephen Birch / Zarah Hill
School of Mathematics and Statistics Legacy Neil Strickland
Mature Students Legacy Helen Roy / Charlotte Mynett
MBA Legacy Kenneth Macdonald
Mechanical Engineering Legacy Sheli Smith / Vicky Sampson
Medical School Legacy Medicine IT / Ian Palmer
Management school Legacy Mykel Spence / Paul Nile
Materializing Culture Research Group Legacy Karen Harvey / James Pearson
Medieval War Legacy Katherina Nara
Modern Languages Teachings Centre (MLTC) Legacy Laurent Semichon / Jeremy Fisher
Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB) Legacy Matt Johnson / Roger Anderson
Music and Sound Studio Legacy Nick Walsh / Stewart Campbell


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
National Fairground Archive Legacy Arantza Burrutia-Wood / Rachael Newton-Carroll
National Student Survey Legacy Angela Gascoyne / Claire Allam
Neptune Legacy Lindsay Hopcroft / Steve Mounce
Neuroscience Legacy Kevin Corke / Medicine IT
North Campus Legacy Elinor Noble / George Rees
Nuclear Engineering - IDC Legacy Lauren Ashton
Nuclear FiRST - DTC Legacy Lauren Ashton


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Oncology & Metabolism Legacy Medicine IT / Daniele Swain
Online Payments Legacy Sally Salter


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Past Forward Legacy Daniel Liao
Parking Services Legacy Kirsty Bowen
Pennine Water Group Legacy Lindsay Hopcroft / Steve Mounce
Philosophy Legacy Eric Olson / Ann-Marie Cox
Physics and Astronomy Legacy Danielle Jackson / Robert Cooke
Pipe Dreams Legacy Steve Mounce / Lindsay Hopcroft
Planning and Insight Legacy Jackie Toyne / Rhiannon Birch
Politics New CMS Katie Turner / Christina Sommerville
Portering Legacy Kirsty Bowen
Prospective international students Legacy Jen Foster / A. J. Hamilton
Prospective postgraduates Legacy Robin Byles / Heidi Gilchrist
President and Vice-Chancellor  Legacy Carol McNaughton / Dawn Stewart
Prospective undergraduates Legacy Robin Byles / Heidi Gilchrist
Procurement Legacy Michelle Frost / Robert Hebblethwaite
Prokhorov Centre, The Legacy Terence Dunne / Henk de Berg
Psychology Legacy Kirsten Bartlett / Joshua Swift


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Rail Innovation and Technology Centre Legacy Matthew Ham
Real Stories Legacy Daniel Liao
RECITE Legacy Steve Maddock
Registration Legacy Matt Page / Cheryl Ashcroft
Religion Legacy Kate Atkinkson
Religion, Theology and the Bible  Legacy Anne-Marie Frisby
Research Legacy Heidi Gilchrist / Christine Hill
Research Services Legacy Dave Jones / Alex Wilkinson
Russian and Slavonic Studies Legacy Alexander McGibbon /Fergus Conolly


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Sociological Studies Legacy Keighley Cowood / Sally Midgley
Science Maths Choices Legacy Sue Armstrong
School of East Asian Studies Legacy Michelle Nicolson / Daniel Liao
School of Education Legacy Dawn King
School of English New CMS Georgie Beardmore / Michelle Wegrzynska
School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) Legacy Chris Blackmore / Marc Chattle
School of Languages and Cultures (SLC) Legacy Alexander McGibbon /Fergus Conolly
School of Law Legacy Gareth Braid / Chloe Gibb
School of Nursing and Midwifery Legacy Jesrine Clarke-Darrington / Lisa Bell
Schools, Colleges and Community Groups Legacy Amanda Hamilton
Security Services Legacy Kirsty Bowen
Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Legacy Charlotte Axon
Sheffield Graduate Development Programme Legacy Louise Woodcock /Jackie Smith
Sheffield General Practice Specialty Training Programme (GPSTP) Legacy Linda Latif / Sue Gumley
Sheffield Lyric Festival Legacy Daniel Liao
Sheffield University Women's Club Legacy Jeanette Peat
Sheffield Fluid Mechanics Group Legacy Andrew Nowakowski
Sheffield Graduate Legacy Jackie Smith
Sheffield on iTunes U Legacy Graham McElearney
SpeakOut Legacy Terence Dunne / Paul Nile
Staff Legacy Somer Finlay / Lindsey Wilson
Strategic Change Office Legacy Gillian Norton / Liz Wheat
Student Administration Service Legacy Keith Miller / Helen Tattam
Student Services Information Desk (SSiD) Legacy Scott Castle / James Bollington
Student Services Legacy Sarah Leavesley / Joanne Fellows
Study Abroad Legacy Jen Foster / Sophie Hawley
Sustainability at Sheffield (aka BeCause) Legacy Greg Oldfield


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Technicians at Sheffield Legacy John-Paul Ashton / Sophie Murphy
Transport Innovation Centre Sheffield (TICS) Legacy Victoria Blackburn / George Rees
Transport Services Legacy Kirsty Bowen
From Post-Consumer Tyres to Concrete Fibre Reinforcement Legacy Harris Angelakopoulos


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
University Executive Board (UEB) Legacy Rebecca Barker / Rachel Frith
Undergraduate Legacy Robin Byles
University Health Service Legacy Andrew Green
The University Library Legacy Rachael Newton-Carroll / Gary Marsh
University Secretary's Office Legacy Angela Davison / Rebecca Barker
Urban Studies and Planning Legacy Charles MacDonald-Jones / Simon Beecroft


Site CMS Site Coordinator or Group owner/Second
Web Support New / Legacy Victoria Bailey / Laurence Cornford

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