University meets senior government officials to support Sheffield’s community of makers

Key figures from the Department of Business, Industry and Skills will join the city’s artisans, makers and key stakeholders, including the University, for a roundtable discussion about the steps needed to help Sheffield’s businesses and innovators thrive.

Year of MakingThey will discuss the barriers and challenges faced by makers starting and growing their businesses, the implications of these challenges and what solutions and actions, supported by the government and others, can help them realise their ambitions.

On the agenda will be discussions around:

  • Access to affordable, appropriate space in reasonable locations
  • Access to technology at affordable rates and to funding
  • Support in gaining skills and training and access to trained craftspeople
  • Global and local routes to market, specifically e-commerce platforms
  • Intellectual Property and areas of specific regulation
  • Understanding of networks and legal structures

This year Sheffield celebrates a Year of Making, an opportunity to showcase all forms of making in the city and region – from advanced manufacturing, specialist steels, forged products, cutting tools, bearings and blades to award-winning theatre, international art and design, ground-breaking research and world class talent.

The Year of Making 2016 celebrates Sheffield’s past, present and future as a city of makers and promotes a world city with an international reputation for excellence and innovation.

Professor Vanessa Toulmin, Director of City and Cultural Engagement at the University of Sheffield, said: “The University and the Year of Making 2016 are promoting and supporting Sheffield City Region cohesion and collaboration in areas that support skills development, encourage creativity and innovative thinking.

"Engaging with, and supporting the maker and artisan communities to utilise new technologies as platforms to increase participation and innovation, will support the creation of new jobs and continue to develop and promote the Sheffield City Region's world-renowned heritage around making and innovation.”

She added: “Sheffield is a city that makes people; from theatre-makers, music-makers, health-makers, art-makers, education-makers to business-makers. Year of Making is our opportunity to showcase this by providing a crucible of creativity for residents, visitors and the next generation of would-be-makers, whether born here or wanting to make their future in our city.”

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